Friday, December 30, 2016

How to celebrate each day as a new beginning

We have a strange way of thinking, us Western people. Our year has 365 days, yet we wait until the very last day to sum up our resolutions for the new load. For me, the question then rises: why wait?


In the past year,  I've learned that it's perfectly possible to turn you life around overnight. OK, maybe not your whole life. But you can make a change in your state of mind, your beliefs and your mental state a lot quicker than you'd think. I went from having an 8 AM mental breakdown in my bed one day, to buying a last minute ticket to Italy the other. One moment I was losing my mind over some worthless situation, five days later I already had a clear mind thanks to the purifying Venetian breeze and an abundance of kindness from the people around me.


Yes, some days I too feel worthless. And there are plenty of moments, more than I like, on which I'm doing absolutely nothing useful. But deep down, I know that life is too short to waste and I like to live by this principle. I hate waking up late, being on my phone for a moment too long or not being able to take a moment for myself every day. I am nineteen years old, I'll never be as young as I am right now. I have to take every moment and realise how precious it is.

And because of this, a positive outlook on the world is important as well. Negativity is a waste of the little amount of time I have. Why chase hatred, jealousy and anxiety if I might as well just be living with joy, love and ambition?

I'm an easy and quick forgiver, even when I don't get proper apologies. And no, that doesn't make me a softie. That makes me a winner. I'm not wasting my days on people that did me wrong. I leave them behind, forgiven and forgotten, to fan the flames of my own happiness.


In Eastern cultures, people have been living by these thoughts for ages. The Japanese celebrate the Sakura, the blossoming of the cherry trees, every year, not to start a new chapter but to embrace the beauty and finitude of life.

My all-time favourite brand when it comes to the philosophies behind the products, Rituals Cosmetics, makes excellent use of the Sakura concept in their namesake collection. I worked in one of their stores last Summer and I vividly remember a specific moment when I brought tears to the eyes of a woman as I told her that the philosophy of the Sakura line was perfect to gift to her niece, who had just overwon cancer.

The fresh, unique and feminine scent of Japanese cherry blossom and rice milk embodies the thoughts behind the products very well. Take a moment for yourself and relax with the Sakura bath foam, the body scrub, the shower products or the (amazingly moisturizing) body cream. Finish the ritual and spread the aroma around your house with the bed and body mist and the fragrance sticks. I like to spray the bed and body mist into the water of my diffuser to subtly make my study be filled with cherry blossom while also humidifying the air (which is awesome for your skin). Or if you want a little decorative element, opt for the Maitre du Parfum, new in the Sakura line and so elegant for your home!

I wish you all a delightful New Year. I hope all your wishes and dreams may come true and that you find the courage to work yourself closer to your own, personal goals. Try to celebrate each day as a new beginning and don't be afraid to benefit of yet another twenty-four hour chance. Lots of love.

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