Thursday, December 1, 2016


I've recently posted a vlog in which I give my first impression on the L'Oréal Clay Masks. In the past 2 weeks, I've been experimenting some more with them and trying out the multimasking hype. Read along for my thoughts on this trend and the L'Oréal masks.

In my opinion, multimasking is a great step forward in the skin care world and it isn't weird at all to walk around with three different masks on your face. I too have a very mixed skin. My nose always needs some pore refining and is way to oily and shiny in comparison to my cheeks, that would actually need some firming and hydration. My chin and forehead however always need some special care and never feel as if they're very healthy.

Before I started using them, I thought I'd end up having one favourite mask of the three that I'd keep on using instead of all of them. I was wrong. All three have their interesting function and really do their job for me. I vary in where I use them, because I think for instance that for the blackheads on my nose, I need some pore refining (pink mask) but a lot of detoxing as well (black mask).

First impression of a mask is always texture, and all three have a lovely, smooth and easy to apply texture. The pink one is very clay-like but with a thinner application, while the black one is very thick and greasy and the green one is more like a gel. Though, they all get quite hard when you leave them on but not as far that you are irritated by them being on your face after 10 minutes.

After the texture, another thing that is very important to me is the smell. I am very fond of the pink mask because this one just smells so lovely and that can make me overly happy lol. The other ones have a more neutral smell, which I also really appreciate.

The mask I probably do like the most is the detox mask (the black one) because this is a whole new concept for me and it actually really shows instant effect. I do however know that I'll be using all three of them probably 2 to 3 times a week, together or on themselves.

This is merely my opinion after using them for one or two weeks now, I'll update you on more thoughts on them probably on Snapchat (rustyrevolvers) so add me there to hear my thoughts after a longer while of testing these!!

Are you interested in buying the pure clay masks?


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