Sunday, February 19, 2017

A bedtime routine I never skip

It must be about 2 years ago that I started wearing make-up on a regular basis. People often ask me how I get my make-up so flawless, and a healthy skin is always my number one tip for that. Which could sound contradictory to you, because it might seem as if wearing make-up daily affects your skin negatively. Yes, skin is sensitive and your pores easily get blocked with piles of make-up. But not if you include thoroughly taking the day off in your bedtime routine.

Lately I've been testing the new Clinique Take The Day Off make-up remover and cleansing balm and I literally couldn't have wished for a better duo to involve in my evening skin care routine.
The remover really wipes off my make-up quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and pure. It doesn't make my face feel sticky or itchy at all and as it doesn't contain any alcohol or perfumes, it does no harm to your skin.

Same goes for the cleansing balm. It's super soft and matte, and a totally new cleansing experience for me. The balm has a solid texture and you just have to put a small bit of product on your fingertips to then wash your face with it. The solid balm becomes a super soft, oily cleanser once you massage it onto your face and leaves it like a baby's skin.

Rinsing your face every night really helps you to receive a bit more of a flawless complexion and avoids spots, blocked pores and irritations. Don't just use a cleansing wipe quickly around your face - take your time to take the day off. Give your skin a bit of a massage to get that blood streaming and have an extra happy, healthy and soft skin the next morning as a smooth base for a new day of make-up.

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This post was made in collaboration with Clinique.


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