Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Don’t hide your insecurities | Polette Eyewear

I vividly remember the moment that the eye doctor told my mother that I was going to need glasses for far sight. For me, as a 10 year old, it was a nightmare.

When I was about 13 years old and my sight kept getting worse, I realized I would soon have to wear my glasses all day, which terrified me. I quickly made another appointment with my eye doctor and asked her to prescribe me contact lenses. She frowned at me, told me that I was way too young to start wearing contacts, that it’d ruin my eyes, but I didn’t want to hear. I went home with a clear sight and no glasses, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Wearing glasses has always been an insecurity for me. Whenever I stayed at a friend’s, or even at my boyfriend’s, I would wait as long as possible to take out my contacts and I’d avoid having to wear my glasses any moment before bed or after waking up. No way I was going to put that ugly thing on my face. In my opinion, it just wasn’t my thing, and it made me look horrendous. I always envied the girls who would totally rock their big nerdy glasses and wore them with pride. But, so I thought, that’d never be me.

Until I was proved wrong. The easy, trendy and wallet-friendly frames at Polette made it possible for me to choose a stylish alternative to put on my nose, without it being a huge gap in my budget.

"The best part: it's more than just a frame."

Polette is a young, innovative brand that offers a new view on distribution: they’re the only intermediate between the factory and the client, therefore there’s no stock and no extra costs to get your favourite frame and the right fitting lenses straight to your mailbox. The brand offers a wide range of frames in all kinds of collections (the L’Atelier collection is awesome!) all made in their own workshops. And the best part: it’s more than just the frame. Polette also offers you an amazing service when it comes to giving you the best lenses possible and the most suitable, personalized option. And if you’re having a hard time figuring the whole thing out, there’s a great customer service that is more than ready to help you.

The process of buying a pair of glasses from Polette has been a miracle for my self-assurance towards wearing specs. I couldn’t be happier with the frame I chose. I went for the Maya Giraffe: an elegant, yet slightly bigger frame, with a tortoise shell to brown kind of shade. And man, I’ve never received so many compliments on an accessory before. Nor did I ever wear glasses as much as in the past few months. I confidently walk the streets with my beautiful frame on my nose, not only to be able to see, but also because it’s a wonderful addition to my outfit.

Stop hiding your insecurities; embrace them. It might be a trivial thing to be insecure about wearing glasses, but I must say that buying a frame that really fits me was a life changer. The same goes for any insecurity you might have about your body. Find a way to embrace and maybe even enhance it – it’ll not only be good for your outfit game, but you’ll probably get a confidence boost as well.

Don’t hide yourself – find something that works for both your outlook and your self-esteem.

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