Monday, February 6, 2017

Find your hair's better nature

As a dreamy young adult, I was hooked on the fantasy novels by Aprilynne Pike. Reading about Laurel's adventures as an elve made me dream of my own botanical garden where I'd grow my ingredients to brew serums and creams for all kinds of uses. Growing up, I found out I wasn't really the science type and I decided to go for communications instead of becoming a lab assistant. But my love for natural remedies and beauty products never faded.
One of the things that really appeal to me in natural products is their smell. I'm a very aromaticly oriented person and I'm really picky on scents. The fact that the new Botanicals Fresh Care line by L'Oréal Paris features such unique, herbal fragrances is one of the reasons why I loved the collection from the moment I heard of it. I'm sick of lavender, camomile and coconut - in cosmetics and lifestyle, I'll always reach for the more innovative kind of fragrances that stand out of the crowd.

If you're looking for a budgetfriendly, luxurious treatment for your hair, I recommend you to check out the Botanicals products. I've got the Coriander Strenght Source line for fragile hair as my locks tend to get really weak and lifeless from the daily struggle of styling, public transport and the weather in general.

The products are free from silicones, parabens and colouring agents and don't weigh your hair down at all, what most effective hair care products tend to do. The silicones are replaced with soy oils and coconut to give the products the essential result, but still keep it clean.
For me, both the shampoo and the conditioner are very refreshing and make your hair feel really clean and healthy. The strenght potion is like a facial oil for your hair - full of vitamins and benefits.

Apart from how much I love the effect of the products, I'm deeply in awe with the whole idea behind them. L'Oréal worked together with farmers, botanicals and scientists to create a sustainable line of products with cooperation and communal sense. Next to the products, the packaging is also mostly made from recyclable materials and designed so that you can squeeze as much product out of it as possible.

All these characteristics for only 10 euros per products sounds like a deal to me. Are you going to give this collection a go?



  1. I'm honestly extremely impressed with the packaging. Loreal products typically look like drugstore products. These look like I could find them at a high end counter. If I see them I'll have to give them a try <3


  2. But do these hair products work? Are expensive ones always better? Is there any way to tell if something will work for you and be worth the price before you dig in your wallet for it?

  3. Thicker, fuller hair begins at the root and the scalp, and there are also products that nourish the scalp, preventing dry, itchy flakes and dry, brittle, flat hair to match. Hair care involves knowing what to avoid and how to treat problems with the right products.har vokse doesn't work


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