Saturday, February 11, 2017

Styling your eyecatching outerwear

Sorry, not sorry. That was the phrase I used and the face I made when I confessed to my boyfriend that I had bought yet another winter coat.

It’s quite a thing, me and my outerwear. I tend to go for eye catching but elegant pieces rather than opting for what everyone is wearing as well. For me, my top layer is very important. Often my whole outfit depends on what jacket or coat I’m wearing. And since I, as earlier said, prefer to go fr something more extravagant, this might be a bit harder to style.

If you’re like me and you’re longing for a thrift shop-like fake fur piece or a snuggleparty of a shearling coat, you might want to read on and see how I like to style these items.

The newest addition to my overcrowded coat collection is this Sherpa piece from the Abercrombie & Fitch sales. They always have exactly the outerwear I have in mind and once again, I’ve found the coat of my dreams. Whereas last year I made a statement with my brown fake fur (being called ‘that girl in the fur coat’ on repeat), I’m once again a snuggly huggybear right now, but the polar version instead.


It might seem risky to go for something more special on the bottom when you’re already wearing an eyecatching coat. But that’s the wrong way of thinking. Nothing suits a fluffy coat better than leather (or coated) pants. I love to style my bearskin with my Vero Moda coated denim or a leather legging with a longer top.
Some inspiration:


Although this is quite the heat-me-up kind of coat already, I do love to combine it with an extra snuggly warm sweater. A fine piece of knitwear in a basic, warm shade like beige, camel or grey can make this just the extra bit of white Winter perfect AND helps you get through the cold days.
Some inspiration:


Last but not least: shoes. As much as I’d love a pair of high heeled over-the-knee boots to style this coat with, I’m sticking to black ankle boots because this is the classiest, easiest way to look really good with a special kind of outerwear. My black snakeskin ankle boots and my outerwear have always gone hand in hand, but a little bit of a higher heel can make you step up your styling game a lot as well. Take a small shoe with a pointy toe to spice it up – and keep it super feminine.
Some inspiration:

Add your favourite handbag for an extra powershot!

On one hand I hope Spring will come along soon, but I actually don't mind staying duffled up in my big coats for another little while ;)


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