Friday, April 14, 2017

City views

No better way to spend two weeks off from school than to plan several little daytrips in own country. Rob and I decided to head out to Brussels last week because apparently he didn't feel the same love for our capital city as I do and I wanted to show him around my favourite spots. Plus, it was the perfect occasion for us to work on my Spring lookbook. Since we only took off in the afternoon, we didn't have time for a foodstop or for much exploring, but I did want to share my favourite little Brussels-tour with you.

My typical stroll around my favourite parts from Brussels always starts at the Central station. I'm a train girl, as you might know. I take the exit that leads me to the Mont des Arts. No matter the season, this place always looks wonderful, but it's even better when it's Spring-green and calmly filling up with tourists. We walked up the stairs and enjoyed the view for a moment, then continued our journey to the Poelaert square.

I just love the view you have from there. If you take your time to really check it out, you can spot some famous buildings in your skyline like the Atomium. I always take a daredevil shot and sit on the edge of the railing, just because the I like the thrill!

Because Spring can't awaken without me wanting to spot all the cherry trees, I took Rob to the Leopold park - where I myself had never been before. At first I was a bit disappointed because I had read online that it was THE place to spot cherry blossoms in Brussels - but it's not really that overwhelming. However, we did our best to take some nice shots with pink backdrops anyhow.

We already walked through the Parc de Bruxelles (Warande) on our way to the Leopold park, but we decided to head back there after our cherry blossom hunt. The weather was great, much better than predicted - so we just sat down on the grass for another hour, chatting and enjoying the sun on our faces. And of course we ended our day buying ice cream at one of the stands around the Mont des Arts on our way back to the train station!

Photos taken by Robbe Marckx.



  1. Toffe foto's! Gij ziet er echt altijd goed uit he! :D

    Love, Turn it inside out

  2. This looks so beautiful! Need to visit Brussels!

    xx Lisa |

  3. Amazing photography!

    Vanessa x |

  4. brussels looks so good and i actually wanted to go there for ages.

  5. Wonderful photo's! I've always wanted to visit Brussels and still plan to one day, preferably in the the Spring so I can capture some blooms like you've done here, any amount of cherry blossom is a good amount! I love your outfit, perfect for a casual stroll & the colour of your sweater just screams Spring!

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

  6. Love this outfit, especially the bag!
    Emma xxx

  7. Id love to go to brussels!! it look so beautiful there!!


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