Monday, May 8, 2017

A revolution in makeup application

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Photography by Robbe Marckx.

Applying makeup is an art. We create masterpieces on the canvas that is our human skin. But that’s where we’ve been going wrong for decades: our conventional makeup brushes have never really evolved from the watercolour paintbrushes where they find their origin, and are barely adjusted to the fragile, delicate surface they are covering. But lately, cosmetic brushes too are re-inventing themselves, and I got the opportunity to test out the Elite Smoke collection by Artis. It’s a range of brushes, aesthetically very pleasing but also revolutionary on behalf of material and application technique.


Described as the perfect size face brush, the Artis Oval 7 is probably the most multifunctional brush in this range. It’s perfect for foundation application – although I personally do prefer a slightly bigger brush for that. But I’m a big fan of the Oval 7 when it comes to applying powder products such as highlighter, bronzer, blush and setting powder. It’s the perfect shape and size to get that highlight right on the cheekbone spot!


The Oval 4 is about the right size for any concerns around your eyes. Under-eye concealer, cream or powder eyeshadow and brow bone highlight are all fixed in seconds with this brush. I personally also like it for spot concealing, even though it’s quite on the bigger side for this. I just love how blendable it makes my concealer as I tend to not wear it so much anymore because it easily looks flakey and dry. But using the Oval 4, the concealer just seems to melt into my skin.


A bit different from the oval ones, this brush uses its round fibre bundle and flattened surface to form a lipstick bullet tip that you can use to apply a bold shade naturally on your lips. Personally, I’m not a fan of applying lipsticks with a brush, so I tend to go for this one more for very small spot concealing or to create special eyeshadow looks using it in the crease and the outer end of my eye.


I’m incredibly happy with this one, because it makes so many aspect of my makeup application a lot easier. Starting with my brow routine: I usually spend a lot of time trying to make my brow products look natural using eyeliner brushes with angled ends, but I usually hate how it looks. With the Linear 1, it’s really easy to just pop a bit of eyebrow powder or pomade on and brush it directly and with a loose hand through my brows, creating an incredibly natural and super quick look.


My new best friend, without a doubt. I’m absolutely smitten over the Artis Palm Brush, not only because of how nice and light it feels in my hand but also how quick it makes my foundation or BB cream routine and how magically beautiful it makes me look. No brush strokes, no thick layer, just a natural, evenly covered and blended out base for my complexion – and I don’t even need half of the amount of product I do with a conventional brush. With liquid and cream foundation, it’s important to apply pumps of it on your face first, not on the brush, and to not try to bounce or pat the brush up and down onto your face but to just trust on how amazing it will look if you lightly stroke it continuously over the area you want to cover.

For me, using these brushes is a huge revolution in how I apply my makeup. It doubles up how natural it looks, it eases up my routine and makes me feel a lot more comfortable and confident about what I put on my face. And damn, do these brushes look nice on top of my dressing table…
Have you tried oval brushes yet?



  1. Lijken me heerlijke borstels! En wat een prachtige foto's weer!

  2. Ik heb de dupes ervan, hihi! ;) Maar deze zien er toch nog een pak mooier uit! 😍 mooie foto's!

    1. Ze zijn echt super :) Dankjewel Tessa! xxx

  3. Beautiful post girl, dying to try these brushes! x

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I work a lot with brushes. I am eying the artis palm brush a few weeks already. -Guess I give it a try now.
    Love, Esther


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