Sunday, July 9, 2017

Getting designer looks from the high street market


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been admiring fashion designers and the lush attitude around them. From stealing my aunt’s Herm├Ęs Birkin to take a photo with Tyra Banks feels at the age of seven, to spending my days on Stardoll exploring all kinds of couture and creating a deep love for clothing.
Today, I often spend a little part of my time browsing on Net-A-Porter making a very long wishlist of things I would buy “if I were rich”. For me it’s not a waste of time, or an act of frustration. It’s pure inspiration and discovering what I like. I do believe that I want to work hard to be able to afford designer pieces because I absolutely have a thing for it. But until then, I just shop mainly high street but with extra care for giving my outfits some designer-looking touches.


Creating designer-infused looks with cheaper items demands some time and talent, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s child’s play! I’m sharing points of interest for when you’re trying to do the same.

Keep your eye out for quality

One attitude that you need to have when creating designer looks with high street pieces, is to look out for quality pieces. They’re often the more expensive side of the collection, but they last longer in your wardrobe and have a more qualitative look to them. The fabric, the fit and the fabrication (the 3 holy F’s!) are a little checklist that you should go through before buying an item – high street or not. I feel like the fit is often something we forget about, but it’s mostly what makes a piece of clothing appear cheap right away when it’s done wrongly.

Add a statement piece

Look out for statement pieces to top off your outfit with. A killer handbag (like my Mango steal – only 20 euros!), a pair of indie-styled loafers or a boldly coloured biker jacket – compared with the right basics, they will give a big designer value to your look.

Stay away from the high street trends

We all know them: the Zara pieces that everyone wears. The off-the-shoulder denim dress last year is about the best example. If you enjoy following those trends I won’t stop you, but I just find that it really takes away the originality of your style and it makes your outfit look so cheap! Instead, look out for original, unique pieces or style up the trendy ones in your own special way.

Skip dupes and knockoffs

Oh, how I get the chills when I see someone raging about a dupe they found. Gucci Dionysus bags are suddenly everywhere – yet nowhere. The original item loses all worth and I wouldn’t even be half as happy with a knockoff than I would be with an original.
Instead, choose your pieces wisely. You don’t need a designer dupe to make your outfit look as if it’s not all H&M (besides, H&M is doing really good on pleasing me with their designs these days). Follow the rules of quality and statement and you’ll look just as fancy.
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