Monday, August 28, 2017

Exploring Milan

Milan was the city of my dreams. I remember, just a little year ago when life was being hard on me and I started to feel uncomfortable in my hometown surroundings, I dreamt about buying a fancy place in Milan and getting a job in the designer industry, living in the city of fashion and canals and the Duomo.

Although those dreams are long gone - if ever I'd move to another country, it'd be somewhere Scandinavian for sure - I very much wanted to tick Milan off my to-visit list during our Italian Roadtrip. And I'm very glad I did.

As I saw a lot of Italy that week, I very much appreciated Milan's modern, humble yet bustling being. It's a very clean and bright city, very different from the more Southern metropoles in the country.

The first thing we did that day was drop our bags off at the lovely Andreola Central Hotel, close to the central station but quite a walk away from the city centre. It's quite the dreamy hotel - lots of marble, mirrors and patterns, and a great breakfast as well.

After taking the stroll to the city centre our first stop was the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele. It's the oldest shopping mall in Europe and probably the dreamiest as well. The shops there are a bit expensive for a travelling student - think LV, Furla and co - but as it wasn't that crowded yet when we arrived, it was worth walking through.

Exiting the mall, we arrived on our next picturesque destination: Piazza del Duomo. The Duomo is probably Milan's biggest attraction, and very justified so. Especially with the sun shining onto the bright building, it looks immense and eyecatching on the rather crowded square.

Being only eleven, we decided to have a try to find a table at Terrazza Aperol, on top of the Galleria and with a nice view on the Duomo. The terrace was empty when we arrived, so we had a little Mojito to start and a good lunch at noon. I had risotto Milanese of course!

We strolled around a bit on the Piazza del Duomo and got some nice shots as well. Watch out for the men who kindly gift you bread crumbs to give to the doves; it looks like a harmless act, but afterwards they force you to pay for it. I saw some people get caught in that trap and it's better to just refuse the offer and save yourself the drama.

We were lucky that Milan wasn't too packed that day, as we wanted to get on top of the Duomo for sure. You can reach the terraces either by elevator or on foot - obviously we chose that last option. Despite the fact that I fainted in the queue to get on the stairs - it was really hot and I was very thirsty.... - the walk up to the terraces isn't too hard. No need to take the elevator if you have healthy legs, in my opinion.


We stayed on the terraces for quite a while, laying down on a nice spot in the shade and chilling out after being awake since two in the morning already to catch our plane.

Because of that fatigue, we went back to the hotel after our visit to the Duomo to freshen up and had panzerotti for dinner at Il Panzerotto close to where we stayed. I would have loved to have tried the authentic panzerotti at Luini's but unfortunately it was closed on the day we were there.

Have you ever been to Milan? What did you do?

Photography by Robbe Marckx


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