Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The only makeup brushes you really need

A capsule collection of makeup tools for every occasion

Finding the right brushes for makeup application isn’t an easy task. Every face is different and every product applies in a different way. I tried to round up my six essentials for every makeup bag that can handle every product and every occasion – kind of like a capsule brush collection!



If you’re like me and you never really go for a fancy eyeshadow look but you do like to have a little bit of colour up there, an eyeshadow blending brush is really all you need. I love to use it to swish one shade all over my lids, but I can also blend out a darker shade in my crease for some extra definition. I use the TooFaced blending brush from the Teddy Bear Hair collection, but the NYX Pro Blending brush or the MAC 217 work just as well.


My favourite way to apply my base makeup is with a buffing brush, because I can really take my time to blend it in like this and I get maximum control. I use the RealTechniques Buffing brush from the Core Collection which is about the perfect size for me.


Although you can come a long way with the fluffy brush and the blending brush to apply your highlighter as well, I do tend to always grab my Real Techniques Contour brush (also from the Core Collection) because it’s just the right size to catch the highest points of my cheekbones and it’s small enough to even highlight the tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow as well. I also like to use it if I want a bit more of a defined blush look, so then I swirl it around in little circles on the apples of my cheeks with a poppy blush shade. However, a fan brush would work perfectly for these kind of applications as well.



I love my RealTechniques Blush brush because it’s so much more versatile than the name tells. I not only use it for blush, but for bronzer and powder as well. It’s a really nice and soft brush that works wonders with powder formulas all over your face.


Not really a brush but worth mentioning… A blending sponge/beauty egg is my go-to tool to blend in my concealer or any cream contour I might use. It’s personally not my favourite for foundation application, but if it works for you, you can easily leave out the buffing brush and only use a sponge instead. I recently splurged and got myself an original BeautyBlender, but I think the blendingsponges from NYX and the one from Real Techniques are just as good.


I’ve talked about the Artis oval brushes in a post before, but I wanted to mention my all-time favourite, the Palm Brush, in this post as well because I wouldn’t be able to miss it in my collection anymore. It works great for natural foundation application – it goes so quickly and smoothly! – but is also suitable to apply skin care products, fake tan or just to swoosh over your face if you feel like your makeup is a bit too heavy (something I really use it a lot for!).
In my opinion, these are really the only makeup brushes I need and I’d be perfectly fine to use only those for the rest of my life!
What are your favourite brushes?

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