Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why you should care for your eyes


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We’re constantly busy, be it by actually dragging our bodies around or by just not putting a stop on our brains. Both can be extremely stressful for our bodies, especially if we don’t take enough time for a pause and a little pamper for ourselves.
This Summer, there was a moment on which I was extremely stressed out just because there was too much going on in my head and I didn’t allow myself any time or space to take a deep breath. I wanted to finish up my work, earn some extra cash to pay for our road trip, be a good blogger, a good girlfriend, a good friend, and a good daughter all together and I didn’t find a way to manage it all. I found myself bursting into tears one moment, not because I was sad but because I was physically tired. Exhausted. I had been way too hard on myself and I had not been sitting still for any moment and it showed.

When I collaborated with Estée Lauder to work on their #WideOpenEyes campaign, I found that the same goes for our eyes. The skin around our eyes is about four times thinner than on the rest of our body, which makes it a lot more vulnerable to environmental damage. But that’s not all: new research showed that the constant micro-movements of our eyes, which are about 10.000 movements each day, contribute to the signs of ageing appearing on the skin around it. If every micro-movement equalled one step, our eyes would be going on an eight kilometre walk every day. No wonder they’re so sensitive to irritation and damage and that the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles is almost inevitable.


This discovery helped Estée Lauder develop the new AdvancedNight Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix that helps restore and strengthen the skin around the eye. It has an anti-ageing effect that works away fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles and even cuts away any puffiness by the next morning. It fortifies your skin and lifts it up to protect it against all the effects of the microscopic movements of your eyes. And by adding a concentrated infusion of Hyaluronic Acid, the go-to acid to nourish the skin, it also helps to moisturise and revive. Your skin becomes thicker, younger, healthier, and more vitalised and that’s exactly what it needs.
To explain the concept of the Advanced Night Repair EyeConcentrate Matrix and their #WideOpenEyes campaign, Estée Lauder made a unique 360° video that you can also watch with a VR viewer. This underlines the 360° Matrix Technology that was used in the eye concentrate to create an invisible viscoelastic network to cushion the fragile eye area from the shock of micro-movements. 


Watch the 360° YouTube version here:
I’ve been using the Eye Concentrate on a nightly basis and it’s been improving my evening skin care routine and the skin around my eyes a lot. Not only do I have an extra little element of pampering to give myself a moment to rest, I’m also strengthening the skin around my eyes and giving myself a healthier look.
What’s your way to de-stress?

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