Monday, September 4, 2017

Random life lessons I learned this Summer

About being kind and thinking about myself

Summer is not at all my favourite season. I’m a full-on Autumn/Winter girl. My favourite days are those spent inside when it’s really cold out, snuggled under a blanket and with a scented candle burning, some warm soup simmering on the stove. I love taking Winter walks, my nose runny from the cold and my cheeks freezing. And I love dressing up in A/W style. However, I still enjoy the Summers as they mean time-off from school, darker skin and lighter hair and often a trip abroad as well. This season, like all of them, has taught me some things that I’m sharing them with you today.


It sounds presumptuous to say, but the fact that I’m a really kind person is one of the things I’ve become very proud of this season. Whether it were the arrogant Americans that spoke very thick-headed to a hotel receptionist in Naples, or the first thumbs-down I received on a video that made me wonder why the hell you would take the time to do that. Knowing that I’m always the one who smiles, that says please and thank you, that would go out of her way to make others feel comfortable and good about themselves, is enough for me to pay little attention to the people who are all but that.


I’ve always known that I’m the kind of girl that likes to have a moment for herself. But I’ve never really appreciated the value of that me-time. I always thought that it just meant that I didn’t want to be around people for a moment. But it’s so much more than that. Taking care of myself is so important as one moment this Summer I found myself being stressed out to death for nothing just because I didn’t give myself some room to breathe amongst the thousands of thoughts running through my head. A good evening of skin care, a long walk or some extended cooking can do a lot for my mind and I have learned to do that a lot more often and to enjoy it to the fullest then.


There’s a word I hate. Loathe. If I were to give you one characteristic I find absolutely despicable, it would be indifference for sure. And, as Summer taught me, it sometimes comes from the people you’d least expect it from. The ones who have zero interest in your feelings. Sure, they’d love to know all the facts, especially when things aren’t going too well. But they have zero interest in how you’re doing, not even when you’re feeling on top of the world. And, honestly spoken, this can bring me down more than anything. It makes me feel utterly stupid, as if none of the happiness I feel is deserved or like none of the problems I face should be of any trouble. But I’ve also been starting to learn who the people are that really bring value to my life and with whom I have a solid, profound relationship that’s based on mutual interest and trust.

  • LOVE

If I compare my love life now to what a wrecked doormat I was last year, I’ve found a pot of gold. Being with Rob has made me learn a lot, not only because of the random space facts he shares or the books he makes me read, but most of all because he makes me get to know myself a lot better. We’ve been a couple for about a year now, and a solid team for two, but especially after travelling together I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other even better and I’ve never been so comfortable around a person before. 

Every season teaches me lessons, and every month I learn more about myself and the world around me. What lessons have you learned this Summer?


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