Monday, October 16, 2017

Cushions, candles and cosy nightwear

My relaxed evening routine

This post is written in collaboration with Hunkemöller. I'm in the running to become Hunkemöller Blogger of the Year in the Nightwear category, so you'd do me a big favour if you'd vote for me through this link: 

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m not a night owl. I rarely stay up very late, let alone go clubbing or on late-night trips - I’m basically the snuggle-up-and-chill queen. You can mostly find me cosied up in a pile of cushions on my bed quite early in the evening already, which I don’t even care makes me a twenty-something grandma. For me, that little precious moment that’s called bedtime is the time of the day where I fully relax and come to my senses.

My productive day mostly ends after dinner. I get a lot of stuff done throughout the day and I'm all but a procrastinator, so the after-dinner hours are mostly time off for me. I'll often have a bath to start my early evening routine. Taking my makeup off, getting out of my day clothes and stepping into the comfort of a hot, foamy soak is a warm hello to a cosy night.

After my bath – which often involves a scrub and a good old leg shave – I soak my body in moisture and continue my evening skin care routine. Cleansing, toning, and a couple of times a week I’ll add a mask and a good night-time serum to make my skin look dewy and glowing in the morning. 

My favourite part of a relaxing evening must be putting on the comfy clothes. I’m a real sucker for loungewear and nightwear and my all-time favourite place to shop these must be at Hunkemöller. I love the cosy and comfortable vibe in their collections. And although they come with great new items every season, they never disappoint me into being consistent with their style. Plus they keep everything simple enough for my minimalistic self to enjoy.
For a couple of winters I’ve been living in their bathrobes. This year as well I’ve got a new fluffy, slightly longer robe to keep me warm during those cold nights (and mornings). They’re the softest and warmest robes I’ve ever found and it’s always so convenient to throw this on either over a pair of pyjamas or just your undies for an extra bit of snuggle.

As for pyjamas, I’ve been really enjoying to wear a soft velvet pink pair from Hunkemöller that is actually one of those nightwear items that is acceptable as a lounge-outfit in which you can open the door for the mailman. It’s a great addition to my collection of millennial pink items and my go-to for an ultimate bedtime relax or even to work from home all day. After putting on my comfy clothes I usually sit on my bed reading a book or watching YouTube videos so I really need something that’s comfortable and warm enough to have me in a lazy couch potato position all night long.  
I like to put a scented candle on in my bedroom before installing myself – way too early to be appropriate - in my snuggly cast iron bed, together with a bunch of fluffy cushions and probably a cat, too. 

This cosy evening routine is just a way for me to relax after busy days and to have a little mindful date with myself, putting some effort into my mental wellbeing and avoiding any stress. And it’s pretty okay to cancel plans for this, right…?   
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