Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Moments that matter


In October I was kindly invited to do a coffee workshop at the Viva Sara Kaffée in Kortrijk, where I got to know the brand, their story and their products. I love a good cup of coffee, and having the chance to learn how to make my own espressos and lattes was something I really enjoyed. On a chilly afternoon late that month, I decided to take my barista-aspiring boyfriend out to the Viva Sara Kaffée in Bruges and order ourselves an afternoon full of slow coffee and aromatic delights


As the concept of Viva Sara is to make people try out something different than an average coffee or latte now and then, we decided to skip what we already knew and order something out of our comfort zone. The menu at the Kaffées is very broad and diverse, with a dozen different types of espressos, warm and cold coffee cocktails (koftails) and a range of slow coffee experiences. 

Our only goal that afternoon was actually to just have a little coffee date, so we chose the syphon, a slow coffee to share. Not only is this a very cosy - and aesthetically pleasing - way to drink a cuppa together, it's also a very different kind of taste experience. It's a pure coffee with a very aromatic, rich taste, less bitter than what you normally drink in a coffee bar. It simply drinks a lot easier, a bit like the tea amongst coffees.


You simply can't leave the Viva Sara Kaffée after ordering just one thing off their menu, as there are so many things to choose from. Also, the atmosphere just really invited us to have a second look at the options and order a second round. Rob went for a French press coffee because he wanted to try out another slow coffee. I really wanted to try a cold coffee though, and the Viva Luca coffee cocktail was said to be the recipe for the World Championship of 2006, so that's what I went for. It's a mixture of coffee and speculoos, served in a very fancy martini glass so you really get that cocktail experience.


 In my opinion, coffee is a product that is yet to be explored in the right way. These days, everyone is a barista and every café is a coffee house. But there's so much more to discover than just a flat white and a gingerbread latte. At Viva Sara, they treat coffee like a wine waiter treats his bottles: with knowledge, patience and admiration.

My boyfriend and I had one of the best afternoons we've had in a long time as we enjoyed two rounds of splendid slow coffee and some really good quality time. For me, those are the moments that matter. I'm pretty sure that whenever we want to go on a cosy afternoon date, we'll return to the Viva Sara Kaffée to try out the rest of the menu.

There are Viva Sara Kaffées in Bruges (Zilverpand) and in Kortrijk (Grote Markt), where you can enjoy the broad menu of Viva Sara coffees and teas. They also serve breakfast, lunch and sweets. Next to this, both Kaffées also sell the products of Viva Sara (coffee and tea), Viva Lena (confectionery) and Viva Laura (chocolate). 


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