As I know there are a lot of controversial thoughts about blogging and earning money with it, I prefer being totally transparent about the creative content I post and where the input comes from.

Sometimes I work together with brands on sponsored posts. This means that we have an agreement on what sort of content I will be publishing (blogpost, video, Instagram post …) and that there are a few guidelines, plus I will be rewarded with products and/or a remuneration. These kind of sponsored posts will always be disclosed and social media posts will show the hashtag #ad. However, it is not because something is sponsored that it is fake: I simply do not accept an offer that doesn’t apply to my personal style and I’ll never work together with a brand that I don’t absolutely love.

Apart from sponsored agreements, brands also send me products for trial. There are no obligations on posting anything about these. I tend to test everything that is sent to me and if I love the products and find them worthy to be shared with you, I absolutely will. Products that I don’t find very interesting or that I don’t like at all, will never be featured.

Next to all the sponsored stuff, I am still a young girl who enjoys shopping a lot so more than half of what you’ll see on Rusty Revolvers is chosen and bought by me with my own money.

You may also notice that some of the links I feature on this website are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small amount of money (like really, a tiny bit) when people show interest in the product I’ve featured through that specific link. It is an opportunity for me to keep track of statistics and my audience’s interests, and also gives me the chance to earn a bit of cash that I can invest in this blog. You do not pay any more because I used an affiliate link and it I never, ever abuse the use of them.

For any more questions about sponsored posts or any other shady things about blogging, feel free to contact me. I’m always open for your questions!