Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel

Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel

It was when I found out that foaming cleansers were doing more harm than good to my skin, that I decided to give this one a go: the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel. I had been seeing it on YouTubers and bloggers so much and I had been reading every Cult Beauty review back and forth. It had to be magical. And it is. The Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel helped my skin to restore from all the damage I’d done trying to completely strip it, plus it’s just a wonderful product to use. I’ve been using it almost daily since I got it in September 2017. Here’s my review on it.

What it is

A cleansing gel. On your face, it turns into a nice oil that either takes your makeup off or simply cleanses your skin. It’s known for making the skin feel soft and smooth and boosting its radiance with a nice illuminating effect. It’s full of vitamins (A, C and E) and enzymes (Pumpkin enzyme) which have skin-boosting, cleansing and protective functions.

Ingredients: https://www.oskiaskincare.com/products/renaissancecleansinggel/ (full ingredients list available)

Who it’s for

The Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel is for everyone. Really. Especially nice for dry skin I think, but my oily skin loves it just as much.

When I use it

I wouldn’t use this as a first cleanse, not because it’s not effective on makeup but because I just simply wouldn’t want to waste it on that. I’d usually take my makeup off with a micellar water or cleansing oil/balm and then have a second cleanse and a nice face massage with the Renaissance cleansing gel.

However, I’ve also been using it in the morning because it makes my skin feel incredibly soft and makes it look a bit more plump and radiant, which is wonderful as a base for light makeup or for no makeup at all.

Why I like it

  • It completely rinses the skin, leaving it fresh and clean but not at all stripped (like a foam cleanser would do)
  • It makes the skin super soft and smooth and a little bit glowy as well
  • It has a really nice and comfortable texture that motivates you to give yourself a little face massage as the grip is so easy
  • It smells wonderful
  • It’s not unreasonably priced (€41,50), very much worth every cent in my opinion

What could be better

  • The packaging: although it’s beautiful and I like the pump that gives you just enough product, I have no idea how much is left in my bottle because you can’t see it and you can’t tell it from the weight or feel
  • I think that when the pump doesn’t bring anything up anymore, I’m probably going to try to break it off somehow because I’m sure there will be plenty of product left in there then!

About Oskia

Oskia is a UK-based and fabricated skin care brand founded by Georgie Cleeve. After being in a serious skiing accident in her young years, Georgie was introduced to MSM, also referred to as the ‘Beauty Mineral’. It was her father, who had used MSM as a joint supplement for race horses, who advised her to give it a go.

The MSM not only helped Georgie’s knees recover incredibly fast and well, she also noticed a major improvement in her skin, which was previously acne- and eczema-prone. MSM is natural form of organic sulphur that is known for decreasing inflammation and boosting collagen.

So MSM and overall nutrition is the backbone of Oskia’s skin care products. They’re most known for their cult-loved Renaissance cleansing gel, but they offer a bunch of other products as well. Their most recent addition is the anti-oxidant boosting Citylife range that protects skin against pollution.

Oskia is a cruelty-free, 98% natural brand.

In Belgium you can find Oskia and the Renaissance cleansing gel at Fin du Jour (Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk) or you can buy online from the British website Cult Beauty.