How I still have fun on Instagram

 It’s been buzzing lately. Comments full of frustration on Instagram’s algorithm, on stolen reach, bought followers and malafide support groups. I’ve been there too. Nights of complaining to my boyfriend about how I would quit, stop using the damn platform that gave me more insecurity than anything else. (If you have no idea what complaints I’m talking about, Nikki from The Ginger Diaries wrote a really good blogpost about it here)

But over the past months, I’ve been sticking two fingers up at business profiles full of despressing stats and the pressure of having half a million followers. I learned to have fun on the platform without feeling like I’m doing something wrong and I’m sharing my top tips for you on how to do that yourself.

Ditch the analytics

One very soothing thing for my soul was to get rid of the Instagram Business account and to switch back to a regular profile. Sure, it’s nice to see it when your post hits a lot of reach and plenty of people save it, too. But it’s also very depressing to see the opposite. Right now I’m just sticking to likes, comments and how many people talk to me about my Instagram post directly to see how well I do.

Keep it real

Karma is a bitch, and I’m sure she’ll come back at the ones who pretend to have an active audience. But it’s not only buying followers and fake engagement that bothers me. Pretending to be someone you’re not and doing things ‘for the gram’ – think PR-stuffed festivals, unicorn floats and expensive donuts – is just the worst kind of betrayal to yourself. Stick to who you are and you’ll attract the right kind of public in no-time.

Share your Story

It’s always been hard for me to know what I should share on Instagram Stories and what kind of style I want to have on there. Thanks to a mix of inspiration by both very artsy – think WishWishWish – and very personal – think Estée Lalonde – stories, I finally got the concept of actually making everything I share an actual STORY. I like to play with pretty fonts and actually put some effort in what I put up there. I hope for it to be a nice alternative to the overload of unboxing, complaining and *hey I’ve posted a new pic* that goes on up there by many accounts.

Spring-clean your following list

Probably 80% of your insecurities come from the people you follow. They get things you think you never will, they have a body that is too skinny to be real, a skin that’s too flawless to believe. If you’re more jealous than genuinely happy for them, go and unfollow them. Doesn’t matter who it is. Having fun on the gram also means filling it with positive vibes. And YOU choose who appears on your feed.

Make some friends

A while ago I was on the lookout to buy me some Castaner espadrilles, terrified because I’d have to buy them online and also seeking some inspiration as to what to combine them with. I browsed through the pictures on Instagram that the Castaner page was tagged in and found a couple of pics from girls wearing the exact espadrilles I wanted to buy, messaged them saying I loved how they styled them and asking them about sizing and stuff. It made me super happy to talk to strangers and *genuinely!* compliment them on their pictures.
What is your number one tip to still enjoy using Instagram?