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Let me hunt you with my unstoppable need for knowledge, and then drown you in my urge to spread it. Let me touch you with the enchantment of written language and kiss you with a passion for aesthetic depth. Kick-ass ambition and inspiration are the keys - quality is the goal.

RUSTY REVOLVERS is the result.

My name is Romy and I currently reside in Belgium. I am a student in Ghent where I follow classes in communications management at the Artevelde University College.

On RustyRevolvers, I out my passion for cosmetics, clothing and travel, next to some lifestyle inspired posts as well.

I started working on this website about two years ago and added in my YouTube channel a year later, but every day still feels like the new better one for me and I'm constantly improving.

If you have any more questions regarding me or RustyRevolvers, feel free to email me or click any of the buttons on this website to find me on social media as well.


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