20 things I’ll remember from 2017


Well, let’s start by saying: happy birthday to me! Exactly twenty years ago I was born. It feels weird to be twenty as it makes me realise a lot more how close I am to being an actual grownup. But somehow that also excites me as I’ve always been quite the mature kid and I’ve never really enjoyed being a child. Getting to know myself throughout the years is an important part of my life and today I want to share with you the twenty things I’ve learned throughout the past year.



1.      It’s okay to not dress like everyone else does, even if that means that I stick to jeans and a jumper every day and never really go out of my colour comfort zone.



2.      Bad skin days are not the end of the world and it really shouldn’t make me feel almost depressed – I’m still struggling with this but talking about it has helped a lot.



3.      Eye infections don’t always heal themselves in six to ten days like Dr Google tell you – they can easily last up to a month and a half, trust me.





4.      I can spend ten days in a rental car with my boyfriend without having a single argument, therefore I’m quite sure about us being an awesome team.



5.       Robbe and I can find our way from Milan to Naples without any real problems which makes me feel very mature and responsible. (see our vlogs here)


6.      It’s pretty stressful to almost graduate yet have no idea what to do after that.



7.       Support often comes unexpectedly. Especially as I was nominated for a Hunkemöller Blogger Award this year (read my blogpost here) I learned who really supported me in this and who didn’t and it really made me think about relationships and their worth, both positively and negatively.



8.      My body is very used to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t really work out much but I do eat healthy and when I went to Berlin this year I probably had the most junk food filled and dehydrated week of my recent life – which my body protested to quite heavily.



9.      It’s hard to stay motivated to deliver quality content in a society that’s so focused on quantity.



10.   Long walks are my favourite thing to do




11.   The amount of diplomas you have is no reference to your intelligence.



12.   It’s okay to be super forgiving and tolerant because it’s a lot easier to deal with than hatred.



13.   It’s also okay to not be forgiving or tolerant at all and to have your own reasons for that.



14.   I need to read more books.



15.  I’m an introvert. It’s something I wouldn’t have called myself before because I simply didn’t understand the concept but if you want to know my thoughts on it, I tweeted about it somewhere this year so read that here.



16.   There are priorities to make in life and if you choose school work or (very important) me-time over a night out and someone doesn’t understand that, they’re not worthy of your time at all.



17.   I really like animals.



18.   I really like not eating animals.



19.   No one understands blogging and that you don’t get products “for free” or “just like that” and especially not that I call it work when I’m doing blog stuff.



20.   The future is not a scary thing that has to be avoided, neither is the past.



And now, birthday cake!

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