A little update

A little update

Welcome to a brand new rustyrevolvers.com! If you follow me around, you may have seen me announce a little offline break at the end of December. I very much needed a small digital detox in order to fully focus, not only on my exams but also on myself and my needs. That was about a month ago and here I am, ready to get into the year with a blast. To give you a little heads up, I’m talking you through the little changes I’m making on the blog and in my personal life below.

01.   A new design

As you may have noticed, Rusty Revolvers has gotten a little new design. I worked hard in the past weeks to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I now host my own domain. I have always been happy with the lay-out and style of my blog, but the navigation and usability of my old design gave me the chills. I am now really happy with how easy yet beautiful this new design is! It won’t be at it’s full potential at the moment, but when I start uploading new content all will fall into place.

02.   A new focus

It may not surprise you if I tell you that I want to put more focus on skin care. It has always been my favourite thing to write about and the topic I discussed the most. It’s also the thing people ask me the most questions about, which I absolutely love. However, I had never really fully lain my focus on skin care on this blog as I never knew where I wanted to go with it. Now I do. Taking care of my skin is not only something I do for my looks, but also for my wellbeing. Rinsing my makeup off in the evening and having a good routine makes me incredibly happy. Skin care is what I’m best at and what I love the most, a lot more than clothes or food or whatever. I have been doing even more research during my digital detox and I’m super ready to share my thoughts, views and favourite products!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Product recommendations – only products that I absolutely love with a lot of explanation about why I love it and what it does
  • Encyclopedia – I know the beauty world, and especially skin care, is confusing and I have the feeling that I know quite a lot about it, so I’m thrilled to share a lot of that on this website
  • Tips – all kinds of skin tips, makeup tips …
  • Beauty hotspots – because I’m falling in love with tons of independent, local (web)shops and I want to support those a little bit more!

03.   A new interest

Next to focusing more on skin care, I also have a new-found love for natural and organic beauty. I will probably start shifting towards a more green approach of beauty in the upcoming year. That doesn’t mean that it will be the only thing you’ll see and I won’t be putting a label on myself, because I still have drawers full of brands like Kiehl’s, L’Oréal and Urban Decay, brand I love and support. I won’t be suddenly throwing away any of that. But I have this new interest in ingredients and being a little bit more kind to my skin and health, so I will be trying, slowly but surely, to indulge more natural and organic things in my routine.

04.   An exciting year ahead

Apart from all these blogging plans I have, 2018 will be an exciting year for other reasons as well. I will be combining three jobs: my blog, an internship at an international advertising agency and a lovely copywriting and social media job on the side. I will hopefully be graduating come Summer. I’ve already got some nice trips planned and I hope to finish some of my personal goals (I’m already on book 4 of the 30 I am making myself read this year …).

What do you think of my 2018 plans? And what are yours?