My top tips to sleep better


My eight hours of dreamtime are very precious to me. In my opinion, getting enough sleep is one of the key ingredients to feeling good in mind and body. But of course, that’s not always an easy task. Especially when we have a lot on our mind, it’s often hard to get a good night’s rest or even catch sleep at all. I wanted to share my top tips to sleep better and that way, feel better.

Have a set routine


To get your body and brains in the mood to go to sleep, you need to give it a bit of a routine. Going to bed around the same time every night is a good start. Also, try to stick to the same habits to make it a real routine. For me it’s important to get my body and mind to relax in the evening in order to get a good rest. No more working out, no heavy meals, no TV or work. I take my makeup off, followed by a thorough skin care routine, and I get into my PJs. Often I’ll take a warm bath or shower as well. I’ll then watch some YouTube or read a book until it’s bedtime, and my body always feels relaxed enough to follow this by a good night’s rest.

Dim the lights


Too much artificial light keeps you awake. Try to dim the big lights at least an hour before you head to bed. Eliminate blue light from your bedroom, so no bright laptops, TVs and phone screens. If you are (like me) someone who enjoys spending a little time on their phone before bed, try to switch it to Night Mode to make the light warmer and your brain less awake. But really, eliminate the digital as much as possible.


Allow yourself a brain dump


A problem I often have is that I’m at my most inspired at night. As soon as I turn off my night light, thousands of ideas flow into my head and I can’t put a stop to the thinking. Whether it’s content ideas, something I have to do the next day or a random worry, once it’s in my head it’s impossible to get it out and have some rest. If you recognize this problem, keeping a notebook next to your bed can really help. Allow yourself to turn the lights back on for a minute and write down a brain dump of your ideas. Once it’s written down on paper it’s easier to let it rest for a bit and you can head back to your dreams.



Little miracles


The little changes can make the biggest difference for how you sleep. Sleeping with your window open or closed, an extra pillow or an eye mask… You just kind of have to find the right aids for your sleep. I enjoy my bed most when it’s cool and I have a big pile of pillows to sink away into. Aromatherapy can also really help. There are some really great pillow sprays on the market like the ones from This Works, but I also really enjoy to just soak my body in moisture with the Lush Sleepy body cream – lavender overload!




Sleeping better is the key to feeling better and therefore it’s important to spend some time finding out what works best for you. What are your tips for a better sleep? 


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