Beauty resolutions for the year ahead

With the new year kicking in, I’ve not only set myself some personal goals but I also overthought what beauty promises I’m making. Of course I want to delve further into conscious beauty and discover even more independent brands and powerful ingredients. Next to that, there are a few little things I’ll try to stick to in 2019.

Treat my body as much as my face

I spend so much time on my facial skin care, that I sometimes forget to treat my body as well. Of course it doesn’t need as much as the face as it’s not bare as often and doesn’t get as much environmental damage. However, it’s still something to consider spending more time on – especially when you’re still young and well, tight. I feel like I have quite some fluid retention and cellulite on my legs and I want to test out what dry brushing and a good lotion or oil could do to get rid of that.

Stick to a routine longer

Although I don’t use as many products as a lot of people think, I still find it tempting to try something new every now and then instead of sticking to a set routine for a longer period of time. However, last year I did very much see the results of my products better by using them for months on end, so that’s something I want to do more of in 2019. Especially because I get to test a lot and that way I can give more thorough reviews. Win-win.

Discover facials and acupuncture

I had two acupuncture treatments in 2018 and both were magical. The first time I went in to cure my hormonal migraines, which were such a burden over summer as I almost couldn’t leave the house because of how sensitive I was to daylight. A few needles here and there fully cured it, and because I found that such a magical experience I went back to heal my breakouts as well. I feel like after that appointment my skin had a flare-up as if it was clearing itself out, and the weeks after that, my face was clear and smooth like it hadn’t been since I was seventeen.

About a month later, my spots came back and now I’d love to have another acupuncture treatment to see if that really was the thing that healed it. If so, I might consider getting treatments on a monthly basis. Oh and I would also love to have a facial treatment at a spa or facialist! But I’m so picky on the brands they use. Any recommendations?

Try more conscious makeup

I feel like I’ve totally gotten into “clean & green” skin care in 2018, but I’ve kind of neglected makeup along the way. Although I did try new brands like RMS and Jane Iredale, I still want to discover more and especially find some good conscious cream products because those are my favourite to use. On my to-try list? Kjaer Weis, The Beauty Archive and Ilia.

What beauty vows are you making this year?