Belgian Beauty Brands: my top picks

In line with making more conscious shopping choices, I’m also constantly looking for local companies to support. That’s why I’m always happy to find Belgian beauty brands that make effective skin care or makeup products – and ones that also fit into my list of values and beauty preferences. 

I know many of you are interested in supporting local brands as well, so I felt like it was time to share my top picks in Belgian beauty. And if you don’t live in Belgium, it might still be interesting to find some effective products that come from independent companies in our little country! 

Likami: Belgian beauty with a nordic feel

Likami is Icelandic for ‘body’, but don’t be fooled by the nordic vibe this brand radiates. It is based in West-Flanders and sold in many online and physical Belgian stores. 

I’m yet to find a Likami product I don’t like, because the whole range is lovely and can be found regularly in my routine. The liquid soaps and hair products are a staple in our bathroom, but what appeals to me most is their skin care collection. The super calming and hydrating cleansing milk, the nourishing face oil and the lightweight moisturiser are not leaving my skin care routine anymore. Next to that, I always keep the Likami hand cream, lip balm and toner in my hand bag for on the go beauty and right now I’m very keen to try out their deodorant too! 

Find more info about the products and Likami stockists here.

Skin care based on your DNA with Nomige

Nomige is not your usual skin care brand. They evoke a revolution in skin care by making personalised products based on your DNA and lifestyle. The process is this: you purchase the Nomige-package from their website, you receive a DNA test at home and send them your saliva swab, they analyse parts of your DNA and based on that create a four-step routine containing exactly the ingredients you need. 

I haven’t tried a personalised routine yet, but I’m in close contact with the Nomige team and I’ve already felt the luxury of their cleansing milk and exfoliating toner. So I’m totally sold! When I’m a bit older and I need more anti-aging benefits (like in my late twenties), I’ll definitely think about diving into the Nomige routine and see what my DNA says about my skin’s needs. 

The Belgian beauty history of Delbôve

Delbôve is a Belgian skin care brand with history. It was founded in 1967 and is now still present with the original effective formulas the founders created. With a bit of a contemporary touch, but without ever losing their authentic Bruxelloise feeling.  

The products of Delbôve are very much targeted at balancing and restoring your skin. Their Magic Ritual (cleansing + hydrating) is the most known product, but you should definitely check out their range of masks and serums too. And their body products: the Valériane bath foam is divine. So far I’ve fallen in love with the purifying Masque Souabou, the Baume des Yeux eye cream and the soothing Merveille des Yeux which is a god-sent for tired eyes. 

Delbôve - La Boutique

Of course there are many other Belgian beauty brands, but I wanted to feature the ones that I really love and that are suited for my skin type and lifestyle. If you want to check out more local initiatives, take a look at Natural Self (for sensitive and dry skin), Cîme, YUN Probiotherapy (for acne) and Go As Ur natural beauty

What Belgian beauty brands have you tried?