Best Of 2018 Beauty

At the end of each year I not only like to look back and set some new goals, but also make up a list of the beauty products that absolutely stood out for me. This year I’m telling you about seven bits I loved in 2018. Ready for a new wish list?

Post idea by What Olivia Did / Visual inspiration by Gelcream.

Best Cult Favourite

*Likami Jade Roller

Cult favourites are trendy products that are widely loved. One thing that appeared a lot all over the web in 2018 was the crystal roller: a two-sided facial massage tool that fitted perfectly into both the K-beauty and Now Age madness. The crystal and skin care lover in me (and being an advocate of massaging your face!) told me I had to get one and so I went for the jade roller from Belgian brand Likami

Not only does the jade roller look beautiful on my dressing table, it also really improved my skin care routine. I use facial massages a lot for two reasons: to reduce blemishes and impurities by drawing out toxins, and to boost my blood circulation to get more radiant skin. The jade roller helps with both while also making it easier to blend in serums and my eye cream and providing a lovely, cool feeling on my skin – which is especially nice in the morning and under my eyes.

The Unexpected Gem

*Delbôve Merveille des Yeux

When I received the Delbôve eye essence called Merveille des Yeux, I never could’ve guessed how much I would love it. I love a good bit of me-time so I thought it would be nice for those extended bathroom moments, but it has really become a more frequent staple because my oh my, does it deliver results. 

The Merveille des Yeux is an herbal water that you quench two (reusable) cotton pads in and lay onto your eyes for five to ten minutes. One thing I love about this is that it forces me to close my eyes for a while and give my screen-attached peepers some rest. Another thing that’s great about it is the soothing, depuffing effect that totally gets rid of dark circles. That’s why I often also use it in the morning to look a tad bit more awake – 8 hours of sleep in a dreamy bottle!

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The Everyday Staple

Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator

I can tell how much I love the Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator by how fast I go through bottles of it. There’s barely been a day since I got this incredible glow-getter that I haven’t used it!

I’ve written a review on the Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator here before and my love for it has grown even more ever since. I now mix one pump of it with a drop of facial oil for extra nourishment and it just makes for the most hydrating, seductively glowy finish. Healthy, fresh and radiant skin in a tiny, travel-friendly bottle and for a very reasonable price!

The More-Than-Good-Looking

*Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

A brand that stole my heart just by the look of it is Herbivore Botanicals. Their branding is flawless, from packaging to the names of the products. Evidently, when I found out they’re sold at Belgian eco-webshop Eminessences, I had to get my hands on something. The Jasmine Green Tea Toner was wonderful, but not as irreplaceable as the Moon Fruit Night Treatment.

It’s deeply hydrating (even better when mixed with a drop of oil!), gently exfoliating and thus gets rid of spots, scars and dull skin while giving a boost of softness and glow. I used it a few times a week in the beginning but saw a lot more results when I started using it every night, so it’s really a daily staple. I finished my pot a month or two ago and definitely planning on getting a new one in the new year.

The Glow-Getter

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

2018 was the year in which I embraced minimal to no makeup and so I discovered a few numbers that add a little bit of something to a “no makeup makeup look”. Cream products are a very important part of that and RMS Beauty, for me, is a stand-out brand when it comes to cream makeup.

The RMS Living Luminizer really stepped up my makeup game. Not a single other highlighter provides a similar translucent radiance that is as indetectable that it makes you look as if you just have very healthy, glowy skin. And it’s so convenient to apply with just a finger! Comes in a little pot that you easily throw into your makeup bag or travel case.

Best Of The Body

Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang + Calendula Deodorant Stick

Another change I made in 2018, was stepping away from overpowering deodorant sprays and opting for clean, natural and solid deodorants instead. I feel like my underarms are a lot more balanced and scents are neutralised instead of concealed, which gives me a better and fresher feeling.

The Schmidts Deodorant Stick is very easy to use and gentle enough to not irritate your skin. It also comes in various fresh and fruity fragrances so there’s always one to love. I think I might want to try a jar deodorant in the new year, but I first have to go through this one because it’s so long lasting!

Rusty Revolvers Best of 2018 - 02

The Best Fragrance

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom

I’ve fallen in love with Jo Malone this year! Every single scent from their range is so unique and elegant, I really want to own them all. So far I’ve tried the Peony & Blush Suede in a candle, the Wood Sage & Sea Salt in a body cream and I own one of their limited editions from spring, but my absolute favourite is the Mimosa & Cardamom fragrance.

It’s truly a fresh but warm, honeyed scent that combines spicy cardamom with the creamy and smooth tonka and sandal wood and a powdery note of heliotrope and fresh Damask rose. A fragrance that suits every season and any occasion.

Tell me about your 2018 new discoveries!


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