Crystal rollers and how to use them

If you’ve never seen crystal rollers before, you’ve probably been living under a rock. For the past two years, these odd-looking but aesthetically pleasing tools have been a huge trend and a lot of brands have been creating their own version of them. And it’s a trend that I’m rooting for, because next to the now age vibe they radiate these tools also aid your daily facial massage

About crystal rollers

Often referred to as jade rollers or rose quartz rollers depending on their composition, crystal rollers are facial massage tools originated in ancient China. They are regularly used in traditional Chinese medicine facials for a healthier and more youthful complexion. And now they have found their way to our western skin care culture as well.

Crystal rollers have a polished, rounded crystal attached to one end that can be rolled on the face for a gentle massage. Very often crystal rollers are dual ended, with a larger crystal on one end and a smaller one on the other. Where the bigger end can be used for the cheeks, forehead and chin, the smaller head is suited for more delicate areas like around the eyes and nose. 

Most crystal rollers on the market are made out of jade or rose quartz – each having their own spiritual meaning. Jade is said to be a purifying healing stone, whereas rose quartz embodies gentle self love. Skin care wise, it doesn’t really matter if you choose a jade roller, a rose quartz roller or another option like tourmaline or amethyst

Crystal roller benefits

Like facial massages in general, crystal rolling has many benefits for skin improvement. It stimulates blood flow, which makes your skin smoother and more glowing. Next to that, massaging your skin boosts collagen which gives it amazing anti-aging properties. And not only that, because the lifting movement you make with a crystal roller also improves your skin’s elasticity and gives a firming facelift. 

If you use them the right way and often enough, crystal rollers can also help to purify your skin by drawing out toxins that cause imperfections. And not to forget: they’re super calming because of their cooling effect,, which is great to soothe puffiness or skin irritation. You can even keep them in the fridge for extra soothing, but even when you don’t the stone naturally provides a cooling feeling. 

Massaging your face with a crystal roller also releases jaw tension and as it nudges you into taking a couple of quiet minutes for yourself, it is very relaxing for your mind as well.

How to use crystal rollers

Crystal rollers are a great at-home facial massage tool as they’re super gentle and you can’t really do any harm by using them. As long as you keep massaging in upward motions, that is, since we’re trying to get more firm and lifted skin instead of sagging it down. Also, rolling upwards and toward the outsides of your face stimulates lymphatic drainage to detoxify your skin and reduce imperfections.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for your rolling routine:

  • Start your crystal rolling routine by applying your favourite serum, moisturiser or nourishing oil. This will give the roller some grip, and massaging your product in extensively will also boost its effect.
  • Then take the roller and place it on your chin. If you have a dual-sided face roller, you want to pick the larger side here. Roll from your chin to your ear along the jawline with medium pressure. Don’t roll back (that would be a downward movement), but start again at your chin and repeat the rolling movement five times on each side of your face.
  • Move up to your cheeks by placing the larger side of the roller along the side of your nose and rolling it along the hollow of the cheekbone towards your ear. I find that it helps to smile here, as for me this releases even more tension and gives me more grip. Again, don’t roll back but repeat the same movement five times on each side. 
  • Do the same on your forehead with the larger side of your roller, starting at the middle of your forehead and rolling all the way around your face to your neck. This is the only downward movement you’ll make, as you’re bringing all the toxins down to the neck lymph like this. Repeat five times on each side.
  • If you have a dual-sided roller, you can use the smaller side to massage your under-eyes. Start at the inner corner and follow the round shape on top of your cheekbone, all the way up to the outer corner of the eye. Do the same thing above your eyes, starting at the inner corner of your brow bone and taking it up to your temples. Don’t apply too much pressure here, instead choose a feather-light rolling motion five times on each side. 
  • If you’ve got a headache or you’re feeling a bit under the weather, placing your roller on your third eye (in between your eyebrows) and gently rolling it up and down can be very soothing too!

FYI: Don’t forget to clean your facial roller after every use. If you use it at home and only on yourself, you can roll it over a wet cloth for a quick clean or use a tiny bit of soap for a deep clean. If you share it with someone else or use it on other people in a clinic or salon, you should definitely take more time to disinfect it. Some of the White Lotus Beauty rollers have a head that you can take off for cleaning, because you don’t want to get the metal brackets wet too often as they can corrode. White Lotus also sell a colloidal silver spray that is a gentle disinfectant for the roller that you can use before and after every use.

Where to get a crystal roller

Nowadays many brands have their own crystal roller, especially those who focus on natural beauty and wellness. Sadly, the crystal roller trend has also lead to many poor-quality rip-offs being sold for under ten euros. These cheap options are not what you want to get, as they’re often harsh on the skin, chemically treated and unsustainably manufactured. 

Also, the fake jade or plastic they’re often made of won’t give you the same cooling and soothing feeling a real crystal roller can. And not to mention the poor quality of these rip-offs will result in your massage tool breaking after only a few uses. Think before you purchase and choose quality over a discount. 

White Lotus Beauty is a great, trustworthy manufacturer to turn to for any facial massage tool, like gua sha and facial cups but also several options in crystal rollers. From the classic jade or rose quartz roller over dual-sided options and sleek tourmaline and amethyst options, to even intensive rollers with a multi-pressure head. 

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This blog post was created in collaboration with White Lotus Beauty. For more information, please read my full disclaimer.