The cruelty-free lipsticks I’ve been wearing non-stop: Ellis Lips

I’ve got a new group of accomplices. They’re sleek but badass on the outside, in their bullet-shaped casings. On the inside, however, they reveal the most comfortable, long-wearing and versatile lip colours I’ve ever encountered. It’s no secret: I’m hooked on the Ellis Faas Lips collection.

Who is Ellis Faas?

If you’ve never heard of the brand, I’m happy to supply you with some information. Ellis Faas launched her namesake brand in 2007, after several years of experience as a makeup artist for the world’s biggest fashion designers, photographers, stylists and models. Next to being a makeup artist for international magazines, Ellis also worked for beauty brands like Clinique, Lancôme and MAC Cosmetics. Under the corporate vision of L’Oréal, Ellis helped to create Biotherm’s makeup line, giving her lots of experience in creating makeup products and launching them on the market.

After saying goodbye to L’Oréal, Ellis launched her own makeup line that has a strong visual branding in which you clearly discover Ellis’ love for fashion and photography. Ellis Faas’ products are bold and high-fashion, but at the same time they can be worn by any person for any type of look – including the most natural, glowy no-makeup makeup. And that’s the power-aspect of the brand in my opinion. As humble as your makeup look may be, the Ellis Faas products still give you a feeling of wearing top gear and looking like a supermodel yourself. 

By the way: Ellis Faas is a fully cruelty-free brand. All products in the range are never tested on animals. 

Human colours

Another fact that adds to the versatility and inclusivity of the Ellis Faas products is their ‘human colours’ approach. The colours they use for their products are always inspired by what our bodies naturally produce – like the soft peach brown of a freckle or the bright red that flows through our veins. That makes these colours look good on everyone – no matter their age, style or complexion.

Ellis Lips

I’ve currently got eight (!) of the Ellis Faas lipsticks in my makeup stash, so it’s safe to say I’m quite a connoisseur on the field. Ellis Faas have created four different lipstick textures that each come in a wide variety of colours – so there’s definitely something to pick out for every kind of mood, outfit or occasion. 

First up there’s Creamy Lips. Probably the closest to your traditional satin to matte finish, this formula is wonderfully long-lasting yet still incredibly comfortable to wear. The shades I picked out are L105 and L106. They’re both bold but warm-toned reds, one leaning more towards pink and the other more to brown. I’ve never seen or owned shades like these before. L106 is my go-to red lip at the moment, looking perfect with an all-black or all-white outfit or even my standard beige uniform. As I’ve said before: it’s me in a red lipstick.

Then there’s Milky Lips. A soft, fluid formula, with a bit of a gloss-like texture. The finish truly is milky and a little bit sheer, but buildable for as much coverage as you want. Full-on colour? It’s possible. Just a little stain by dabbing the lipstick gently onto your pout? Easily done. I’ve got Milky Lips in the shades L206 and L207 and both are versatile everyday colours that I like to wear as a stain for a subtle, yet high-impact finishing touch.

If you’re into lip gloss – but to be honest, even if you’re not – you’ll love Glazed Lips. It’s got the high-shine effect of a really sheer gloss, but without the stickiness a lot of those come with. The formula feels more like a really hydrating, really liquid lip balm. And the transparent one I got, L309, actually kind of is. But if you fancy more of a bold shade, then Glazed Lips also come in various colours such as the bright red L301 I got. A surprising amount of pigment comes out of that, which is really a first for a gloss texture for me! 

The last texture is Hot Lips, which I got in the raspberry tinted L406 and the perfect nude L409. As the name already gives away, this is a full-on pigmented formula with a semi-matte finish. But other than most matte lipsticks, they’re extremely long-wearing without drying out and becoming all flakey. 

That’s actually the case with all of the formulas: they don’t line up on your lips but melt into them instead. Which is super comfortable and never leaves you in need to reapply throughout the day. However, you could – because the Ellis Lips come in super compact pen-sized cases that you can easily slip into your handbag. And the applicators are clean, soft and easy to use – directly on the lips or subtly by dabbing a little bit onto your finger first.

If you want to see all the shades I have in action, including swatches and how I wear them throughout the week, you can watch this video.

Want to try Ellis Lips yourself? Check out the Ellis Faas webshop and fall in love with all the shades and textures!  


This blog post was created in collaboration with Ellis Faas. For more information, please read my full disclaimer.