Massaging your face: why and how

If you’ve never taken a moment to massage your face while applying your skin care, then you’re seriously missing out. Not only does a facial massage give you a spa-like feeling of relaxation, it’s also a quick fix for lifted, more supple, clear and glowing skin. 

Facial massages really interest me. I’ve been doing lots of research over the past years – from why and how to which massage tools are actually beneficial. After taking everything to the test, here’s a helpful overview on facial massages. 

Facial massage: why and how | Rusty Revolvers

The benefits of massaging your face

So why should you dedicate an extra three to five minutes of your skin care routine to a facial massage? Here you’ve got the most important benefits, listed:

  • Massaging your face is relaxing; it relieves stress and lifts your mood. 
  • A good facial massage helps to release pressure in the jaw and neckline. 
  • Increased blood circulation thanks to facial massage makes your skin surface smoother, more glowy and youthful-looking. 
  • By massaging your face the right way, you can draw out toxins which helps to clear your face from acne and other imperfections. 
  • Facial massages are a good (pre-)anti-aging treatment to keep the skin supple, firm and lifted because you stimulate collagen production.
  • Massaging certain targeted points of your face can prevent signs of aging like fine lines around the eyes and mouth and puffy, dark circles under the eyes.
  • Stimulating certain pressure points can help you combat a blocked nose, sinus issues (allergies!) or a headache. 
  • Facial massages help you get the most out of your skin care products. When you massage your face while cleansing it will help to pick up more dirt from your skin’s surface, while taking time to massage in your serum or moisturiser will boost its effects.

Facial massage in your skin care routine

If you want to gain the benefits listed above, massaging your face only now and then won’t help. Stimulating your blood flow and drawing out toxins should be a constant factor in your routine in order to really see results. 

Basically you should massage your face every day – or even twice a day. Even if you only have five minutes to get ready, a speedy one-minute skin gym is more than enough. But do try to dedicate your evening skin care a few nights a week to a more extended, relaxing massage of about five minutes as well.

A little piece of practical advice: your face might get a bit red because of the stimulation and stroking on the skin. Although this flush of colour will fade in less than fifteen minutes, it might be a reason for you to go for a softer massage in the morning and a more extensive, red-face making one in the evening when you don’t have to leave the house anymore. 

I like to massage my face gently when I’m cleansing to really get everything off my face. I find that this works best with an oil-based cleanser like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil. My longer and more dedicated facial massage then happens when I’m applying an oil or moisturiser to my face, because this is where I can get most grip from and it’s lovely to massage your face as the last step in your routine. However, you could perfectly do it with your hydrating serum as well.

How to massage your face

There are many, many ways to massage your face – and basically and kind of stimulation is beneficial. But there are a few things to remember here, like always massaging upwards (we want a face lift here!) and not forgetting about your neck and decolletage as well. 

The basic facial massage I always like to do is very much based around lymph nodes and drawing out toxins, while also releasing pressure and getting my blood flowing. The basic idea of drawing out toxins via your lymph nodes (also known as lymphatic drainage) is that you start at the center of your face, massage in upward motion towards the side and then take everything down to the spot in your neck behind your ear.

The directions you should follow are:

  • from the centre of your chin all the way along the jawline 
  • from your nose wing along the hollow of your cheek bone 
  • from the inner corner of your eye along the cheek bone
  • from the inner corner of your eye along the brow bone
  • from the middle of your hair line along the forhead toward the temples

Then drag everything down from your temples to your neck and behind the ears. You can also give yourself a little neck massage while you’re at it to release tension and prevent signs of aging on the neck.

This is a simple facial massage routine that you can do every day, but of course it’s good to try different things and to see what feels good.

Hard to visualise? This video will help you step by step:

What about facial massage tools?

Tools for facial massages are a huge trend right now. And although you can do a lot with just your hands, some facial massaging tools have really proved their efficiency to me.

Take crystal rollers, for example. The Instagrammable facial tool that everyone seems to have on their shelf at the moment. Crystal rollers are great to aid and speed up your facial massaging routine. On top of that, they can be super cooling for your skin which works wonders against puffiness and dull complexion. They’re gentle and easy to use, and as long as you keep rolling upwards there’s not much you can do wrong with a crystal roller.

Another great tool that is upcoming on the market is gua sha. Just like crystal rollers, gua sha tools come in several precious stone styles like jade and rose quartz. The gua sha stone is flat and often has an irregular shape, and is made for scraping the face to stimulate your skin’s healing process to work on anti-aging. Although this sounds painful and a lot of websites portray it as dangerous, gua sha is very relaxing and gives your skin a beautiful glow if you do it the right way – which is gently and with the stone flat on your face.

A facial massage tool that is less known, but just as great, is the facial cup. Although cupping on the body is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for several reasons, like to heal back pain, cupping for the face is simply a way to improve your skin’s appearance and release tension. Facial cups are also smaller and should be moved around on the face, whereas on the body they are bigger and stay put in the same position for a longer period (which is how they cause bruising). Facial cups are lovely to experiment with to boost your complexion and get more healthy-looking skin, but you should do your research on how to use them as cupping is not the easiest and safest thing to try at home. 

I have all three of these in my skin care collection and use my crystal roller as good as every day, along with my usual facial massages with my hands. Gua sha and cupping are more occasional treatments that I do once every two weeks or even less when my skin is looking exceptionally dull or I’m just in for a good old self care evening.

I get my facial massage tools from a company called White Lotus Beauty – a British manufacturer of a wide range of tools, all made with respect for the skin and knowledge of the product. Their crystal rollers, gua sha stones, facial cups and other skin gym tools are of the highest quality and always safe to use. White Lotus care a lot about their customers and making sure they use their products the right way. 

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This blog post was created in collaboration with White Lotus Beauty. For more information, please read my full disclaimer.