La Boutique Sorcière de Delbôve

La Boutique Sorcière de Delbôve

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly invited to La Boutique Sorcière de Delbôve in Antwerp. The skin care brand was new to me up to that moment, but I couldn’t be more happy to have found it. As I have a passion for local production, natural ingredients and minimalistic packaging, the Belgian brand Delbôve was a wonderful discovery. And above that, their boutiques are true gems.

What it is

La Boutique Sorcière houses the products of Belgian skin care brand Delbôve. The personalised service and professionalism of the assistants make any visit to the boutique a true exploration of the senses. It’s the perfect place to dive into the broad history of the brand (going back as far as the 1950’s) and their magical products.

Delbôve offer a wide range of skin care products. Their pride is ‘Le Rituel Sorcière’, which consists of the Crème and Eau Sorcière. Next to that, they also have masks, serums, moisturizers and even a bath foam (total winner for me!).

Where it is

Rue de l’Abbaye 67, 1050 Brussels

Korte Gasthuisstraat 41, 2000 Antwerp

What makes it unique

  • Delbôve are a brand with history, founded by Roger and Marion Delbôve, which I find really nice to learn more about
  • They’re 100% Belgian, produced in Belgium as well, so it’s nice to support a local brand
  • The ingredients are well-chosen, based on the scientific conviction of homeostasis, believing that living systems (like our skin) are capable of finding a state of balance, regardless of any external influences
  • This results in ingredients chosen not to correct our skin’s weaknesses but to stimulate its surface and boost the natural spontaneous functions
  • Delbôve are big advocates of mixology, meaning that their different products can be combined to multiply their effects and answer to your specific needs
  • All products and their ingredients are of natural origin, come from organic agriculture and they are not tested on animals
  • The Sorcière Boutique is absolutely beautifully decorated, with lots of marble, gold and authentic elements

My favourites