Let’s talk about eye creams

Eye creams are up for a debate. Some use them religiously, twice a day and really take their time to get it all blended out. Others have never even owned one. So what’s the deal with eye creams, really? Let’s say you do need them, but they won’t change a thing if you don’t make some changes in your lifestyle first.

How your lifestyle affects your eye area

Many people get an (often expensive) eye cream hoping it will solve all their eye area troubles. But a topical cream will never be able to help you get rid of something that’s there because of unhealthy lifestyle habits. For instance:

  • Not sleeping enough causes dark circles and puffy (swollen) eyes
  • Not drinking enough water or too much salt, caffeine and alcohol (dehydration) causes dark circles, puffiness and dull skin
  • Some types of medication, especially antibiotics, can cause dark circles or discoloration underneath the eyes as well
  • Smoking affects the colour of your eyes themselves, but also dehydrates the skin around it
  • Sun damage causes wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes – you might want to start wearing your sunglasses more often

So do you want to get rid of your dark circles, puffiness or textured skin around the eyes? Then it might be time to catch some extra z’s, drink some more water or go easy on the caffeine. 

Why you still need an eye cream

Of course, quitting all of the unhealthy lifestyle habits mentioned above won’t suddenly make you wake up like a smooth princess. Just like any other skin care product, eye creams are there to help you protect and hydrate the skin to slow down the aging process and prevent fine (dry) lines. And because all of us get puffiness or dark circles from time to time, eye creams (in combination with a good concealer) can help conceal these issues. 

My eye cream recommendations