My twice-weekly masking routine

Face masks are a lovely crossing between targeted skin care and good old me-time. That’s exactly why I love them: they treat my skin and are capable of healing a certain skin condition, but also oblige me to take a moment for myself. Because you can’t really do much else than stay inside and sit still or soak in a warm bath.

Lately I’ve been discovering what masks work best for my skin. I’ve found that a sequence is always the most effective. I now take two evenings a week – usually Wednesday and Sunday, just because hump day and post weekend – to use three masks in a row. Sounds like a lot, but actually one shouldn’t be without the others. Curious to dive into my twice-weekly masking routine? In this blog post I’m sharing what my beloved sequence consists of and what my favourite masks are.

The life-changing magic of resurfacing masks

A resurfacing mask is one that effectively chemically exfoliates your skin. I can’t explain enough how much my skin has changed since I’ve started exfoliating with acids and enzymes. It’s what I start my twice-weekly masking routine off with. A resurfacing mask gently removes dead skin cells and breaks down the ‘glue’ between cells to help prepare my skin for further treatment. It also lets any next masks penetrate even deeper. Resurfacing masks also brighten your skin tone – hello glow! – and reduce the appearance of any dark spots or acne scars. They make your complexion radiant, even and silky soft.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Oskia Renaissance Mask, but to be honest the Rituals Glow Mask* does the exact same job for half the price. Both feel pleasant but effective on my skin and I really see results, also in reducing blemishes and keeping my skin calm and clear. Next up on my to-try list is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask on which I’ve heard some raving reviews! I leave my resurfacing mask on for about fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water.

Time to bask

I love basking, a.ka. combining a face mask with a relaxing bath. I find it’s most lovely to apply a purifying mask right before stepping into a warm soak, allowing the steam to stimulate my skin even further. A purifying or cleansing mask is usually a thicker texture like clay, but can also be based on charcoal or manuka honey. All of those ingredients are meant to clear out your pores by drawing any impurities out to the surface. That’s why you can sometimes experience a breakout after using a purifying mask. It’s actually under-the-skin impurities coming through to give your skin a deep cleanse.

If you try one purifying mask make it be the Delbôve Masque Souabou. It has a very thick clay texture but smells lovely – like frangipane! – and gives the most amazing fresh and clean feeling after washing it off. I’ve never been so into a purifying mask! I also really enjoyed using the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask.I’m already counting the days until it’s back in my collection – unfortunately, it’s nowhere to find in Belgium. Another one I’ve tried and will rotate in my stash is the Susanne Kaufmann Healing Earth Mask and I’m dreaming of trying the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask one day. I usually wash my purifying mask off in the bath. For some reason this makes my skin extra plump and happy.

The ultimate TLC

A category I need to invest in much further, but an essential one after all the resurfacing and purifying: moisturizing masks! I never thought I’d be very interested in them as my skin benefits the most from oils for deep hydration. But slathering on a thick layer of a soothing, hydrating concoction is the perfect final step to my twice-weekly masking routine.

I always use the Skin Regimen Night Detox*It’s not really marketed as a moisturizing mask but very much feels like it. You can leave it on overnight, but I prefer to apply it early evening and take it off right before bed.I then apply a light face oil as I creep under the sheets. I also have the Fresh Rose Face Mask in my stash to use and I’ve heard great things about the Susanne Kaufmann Moisturizing Mask. The Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask looks super appealing but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be good for my blemish-prone skin. If you’ve used it please let me know!

I feel like I’ve finally gotten my masking on point with this routine. I no longer randomly apply them throughout the week, but really make it a planned me-time session that gets the most out of every product. Which face masks do you use?


This post is not sponsored. Items that were gifted to me by the brand are specified with an * at first mention.