The delusion of perfect skin

The delusion of perfect skin

My dressing table is located in my bedroom. It has a big, chunky mirror with those Hollywood-style light bulbs around it. Every morning, when I jump out of bed, I walk past that mirror and stand still. With my eyes narrowed to beat my blurry myopic sight, I check up on my skin. Did I get any new spots overnight? How is it feeling? Do I have any odd textured bits? It’s the first thing I do in the morning and it used to be determining for my mood for the rest of the day.

It’s a bad habit, and I knew it. Letting my mood depend on how my skin looks was ridiculous. Because as much as you see flawless complexions on Instagram and in magazines, there are only few people who wake up with perfect skin. I used to look up to those people, try to mimic what they do in order to achieve the same beautiful face. I followed up their skin care advice, although it’s quite ludicrous to listen to the recommendations of people who have no skin issues at all. The moment I accepted that I’m just not one of those people was a turning point for me.

Yes, there are those people who have incredibly soft, spotless, glowy skin. Those who do nothing more than remove their makeup and maybe use a day cream now and then. But not all of us can do that. Some of us really need some skin care sorcery in order to feel a bit more confident in our skin. I’m one of those people. I learned to accept that I’ll never wake up with a flawless face. And that’s totally fine.

So now, each morning, instead of letting my mood be brought down by a spot on my forehead or some texture on my chin, I just look at my skin and decide on what I’m going to pamper it with today. Because although it’s not really perfect, it’s perfectly mine.

xo Romy