The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Edit For Everyday

I’ve never been the one to cake my face in heavy layers of foundation. Or to do a winged liner or an extravagant eyeshadow look. When I wear makeup – which is definitely not everyday – it’s neutral and natural. A little tint to boost my complexion and hide some blemishes, a bit of colour for a healthy-looking fix and a good ol’ brow gel because my brows just simply need some taming. In this post, I want to inspire you with my ‘no makeup’ makeup staples. The kind of products that create a simple, quick and no-fuss look, but still make you feel like you can conquer the world. No one really notices that you’ve done a lot of effort – it’s just a boost for your own self esteem!

A glow-boosting primer

My ultimate secret to glowing skin is finding the right primer. As my skin feels more oily than dry, I often use a glow-boosting primer as the last step of my skin care routine instead of using a day cream or oil. Glossier’s Future Dew is a great pick for a dewy, almost wet-looking skin primer. But the Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator is just as great. I compared the two in my blog post on Glossier dupes that are available worldwide, by the way!

A subtle ‘no makeup’ tinted moisturiser

The perfect base for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look? That’s a tinted moisturiser for sure. Ideal when you don’t feel like making too much of an effort to your base, but you still want to even things out and look like you’ve slept a few extra hours. I love using the Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Color Perfect as it’s moisturising but not thick or greasy at all. And it has SPF 50 in it too! Origins have a nice tinted moisturiser as well which, I believe, is a bit richer so more suited for dehydrated skin. In the mood to break the bank? Then the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector is glorious, but SO expensive though.

A neutral toned wash of colour all over your face

Anything neutral toned will do to top off your look. As long as it makes you look like you’ve just been out in the sun for a bit or came back from a well-deserved holiday to the South of France. I like to play with bronzer and use a brush to blend it into my cheekbones, jawline and forehead. Cross it gently along your nose for an extra sun-kissed vibe. If I then feel like my face is still looking a bit flat after that, or if I don’t have a bronzer around, I add a subtle bit of blush in a corally nude or a soft-toned pink. My ultimate tip for a natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look? Use your fingertips or a fluffy eyeshadow brush to add the same colours you put on your cheeks on your eyelids as well.

Revival of the glossy ‘no makeup’ lip

My favourite ‘no makeup’ makeup lip look is definitely something glossy. Imagine the kind of ‘I just put lip balm on’ look, but more long-lasting. I love the Ellis Faas Glazed Lips which comes in several shades but also in a sheer, translucent one that gives the perfect bit of gloss. If you prefer something like a sheer-tinted lip balm, the Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatments are lovely! I have every shade of them and they’re perfect for everyday.

And there you go! The perfect everyday, ‘no makeup’ makeup look. What are your daily makeup go-tos?