The real secrets to glowing skin

How to get glowing skin? Exfoliation and a cream-based highlighter are usually my first answers to that question. But in the last few months I’ve discovered that even though you can spend all your pennies on glow-getting products, there are much more important – and free! – secrets to glowing skin that knock them all down. 

Happy mind, glowing skin

When you’re not happy, you’re feeling insecure or you’re under a lot of stress: it shows on your skin. Your complexion is less radiant and any redness, imperfections and dark circles become more noticeable. Stress-skin is often dull, congested, dry and blemished. Or it evokes recurring troubles like eczema, rosacea, fever blisters and skin rashes. 

I feel like my skin is super glowy when I’m really happy and calm. Of course there are always things to worry about, but try to live more positively and give stress and negativity less chance of overpowering your health and skin condition. Make the right choices to live a happier life, talk to someone if you’re stuck and take care of yourself. Tune in with how you feel first, instead of constantly looking for the right products to boost your skin. Nothing will change if you don’t! 

Little (free) habits to get more glowing skin

Next to dealing with stress, there’s also your lifestyle that is really important to get the glow. To stimulate your mind and body to be more happy and radiant, there are a few adaptations you can make in your everyday lifestyle.

More sleep

In line with being happy, some extra sleep is also very beneficial for your skin’s glow. I really see the difference between my skin after some short nights and the healthy complexion I have when I’ve been jumping into bed on a consistent hour to get my 8 hours of z’s. 

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of sleep for both our mental and physical wellbeing. I get so many questions about the best eye cream to combat dark circles and puffiness, and I always answer that question with a simple reply: drink more water and sleep more before you invest in a pricey eye cream. Giving your body – and thus, your skin – time to heal and restore during a good night’s rest is a free way to look healthier and a few years younger in one go.

Work out

Nothing better for some glow than a well-pumping blood flow. Working out promotes healthy circulation, which also gives your skin a more vibrant look. How? Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients around in your body. Increasing its flow will help to send more of this goodness to your skin as well. Next to that, exercising also helps to carry away toxins and waste in your body – making it a real cleanse from within. 

Fresh air and sunlight 

Another great and free habit to adopt in your everyday life, is to get more fresh air. Being outside, breathing in some oxygen-rich air and seeing daylight is good for your physical and mental health in general. It improves your blood pressure and heart rate, strengthens your immune system and clears your mind. This will stimulate your body and reduce stress, which immediately leads to better skin. 

Vitamin D, which your body takes up from being out in daylight, is also crucial for your skin’s health as it prevents premature aging. It is said that most sunscreens block out vitamin D, so that it’s better to spend fifteen ‘unprotected’ minutes outside every day to take up your vitamin D instead of always walking around bathing in SPF. There’s no closure on this, but it’s safe to say that fresh air and sunlight can help you get more glowing skin as well. 

So, instead of endlessly filling your Cult Beauty shopping basket with the most expensive glow-inducing treatments, tackle the problem at its roots first. Make the right decisions to feel better, have an early night in and go for a walk – or a heart-pumping jog – outside now and then. 

Have you taken on these habits already?