Typology Woman: The Ultimate Hormonal Breakout Solution?

This blog post is a review of the Typology Woman Periodic Serums targeted at balancing the skin and minimising hormonal breakouts.

I’ve been battling hormonal breakouts since I was about nineteen years old. Throughout puberty, I’d never get more than the odd spot now and then – apart from that my skin was crystal clear and baby soft. But when I started going to university college my hormones took another route and decided to flare up once a month in breakout on my cheeks and often also on my forehead.

I would never say that I suffer from severe acne, because I’ve never experienced that painful stage where I felt like I couldn’t leave the house without feeling stared at. But throughout the years I have felt insecure about my hormonal breakouts and I’ve tried a lot to combat them. Some methods being more succesful than others.

When a friend of mine told me about the brand new Typology Woman range, I was immediately curious to test it out. Are you too? In this blog post I’ll be giving you a hands-on review on what the Typology Woman serums did for my skin after four cycles of testing.

What is Typology Woman

The Typology Woman Periodic Serums is a collection of four serums designed specifically for each week of your hormonal cycle. On the first day of your cycle (which is the first day of your period), you start using the first serum. The next week, you use the second serum and so on.

Each of the four serums has its own function:

  • WEEK 1. During this week, your hormone levels are low which makes it hard for your outer skin layer to stay hydrated. Your skin can also get irritated and red during this week. The solution? Typology’s Hydrating and soothing serum with hyaluronic acid, bisabobol and soothing cornflower water.
  • WEEK 2. Normally, in this week your skin is at its best. It feels more supple, looks more glowing and redness starts to fade. The Glow and bounce serum is designed specifically to boost the skin even more, using a vitamin C extract and fruit enzymes.
  • WEEK 3. Your progresteron levels rise in this week. As a result, your skin starts to produce more sebum (oil) and your pores widen. This is where the Hydrating and astringent serum comes in. Ginger is antibacterial and clear the pores, while glycerin and aquacyl keep your skin hydrated and in balance to stop it from over-producing oil.
  • WEEK 4. If you’ve suffered from hormonal breakouts before, you know the week before your period is mostly when they decide to pop up. Typology’s Mattifying and anti-blemish serum helps fight this using algae and antibacterial zinc.

Who it’s for

Typology’s Woman range is designed specifically for women who suffer from problem skin due to hormonal changes. It’s not only for breakouts: maybe your skin is drier at some points during your cycle, or you tend to get irritations or redness when you’re on your period. The Typology Woman serums are used to balance those issues out and keep your skin happy, healthy and hydrated all throughout your cycle.

How you use it

You integrate each Typology Woman serum into your skin care routine for seven days, before switching onto the next. Start with the first serum on the first day of your period.

Typology recommend to use the serums either in the morning or morning and evening – I don’t find it very clear what they advise you to do here. I use them only in the morning as it says on the bottles, but their website tells you to use the serums morning and evening apart from the second one which can only be used at night. Either way, use them every day to notice a long-term effect.

Make sure your face is clean, use an essence/mist/toner to prepare the skin and then apply the serum. Top off with your favourite moisturiser or go straight in with an SPF in the morning.

So does Typology Woman work?

So do the Typology Woman serums really help to fight hormonal breakouts? My answer would be yes, but only if used within a healthy skin care routine and with the right lifestyle habits that help tackle impurities.

In the first two months of using the Typology Woman range religiously every day, I noticed a difference in how my skin felt more than in how it looked. The breakouts on my cheeks didn’t disappear, but immediately my skin felt softer, more supple and less textured. The serums add a crazy amount of hydration to the skin that no other product has ever made me feel. And especially as the doses of hydration are tailored to your hormonal cycle, it feels like my skin is never feeling dehydrated or dry anymore. What a relief!

In terms of hormonal breakouts, I started noticing a difference after three months of using the Typology Woman range. In between month two and month three, my skin started kind of purging and breakouts appeared on the surface, but they weren’t agressive or red and dissapeared mostly within a day. For me, this is a sign that my pores are clearing and that under-the-skin impurities are leaving my body. An effect I also had when trying facial accupuncture for acne, for instance.

This is a process that is still kind of going on in my skin and I suppose it will take a couple of months still. I now – after month 4 – don’t have harsh agressive breakouts anymore. I still have impurities, however, but they’re smaller and less visible and fade more quickly.

I’m now mainly trying to get rid of the scars that my previous breakouts have left on my skin – with exfoliants and brightening vitamin C. I also have small textured pimples on my forehead for which I have no explanation, but with all the stress from lockdown etcetera on my plate I think my skin is looking great overall!

My conclusion? The Typology Woman serums are no overnight miracles. You need to be patient with it, and know that it takes time for your skin to get back in balance. I also think it’s part of an overall routine that is targeted at keeping your skin happy, like cleansing in the right way and using dedicated treatment masks twice a week. But also eating well, working out to get your heart pumping, taking magnesium supplements before bed and eliminating stress are ways to keep hormones in balance.

Why I like it

  • The Typology Woman serums are a gentle, long-term way to keep hormonal breakouts at bay
  • Next to dealing with hormonal breakouts, the serums have really helped to balance my skin in terms of hydration, glow, and texture as well
  • The product is very affordable – the collection of four serums costs 44,90 euros. The bottles are small but considering you switch them up each week, they last you very long.
  • I love each serum equally in terms of texture, scent and how they feel on the skin. They’re all very comfortable in use.

What could be better

Just one thing: the packaging. Although I love the cute tiny bottles and how sleek they look, they’re not practical. There’s something very messy about the pipet, making it hard to squeeze the product out. I would like a pump system more, as I think it would work better with the texture of the serums.

Buy Typology Woman online on their website.

About Typology

Typology is a French, online-only skin care brand founded by Ning Li, the entrepreneur behind interior company Made.com. The brand is superclean and uses 80% natural ingredients without losing its French brand aesthetic. They are very open about what’s in their products and label it in easy to read words on the sleek packaging. Their range is already quite large, with skin care products as well as body and hair care and perfume. Besides being very high quality and breathing an air of luxury, Typology is rather affordable.