Why you should consider facial cupping at home

Have you heard of cupping before? It’s a kind of alternative Chinese medicine therapy (with its true origin in ancient Egypt) that stimulates muscles and skin by using suction cups. As I’m a true advocate of improving your skin true stimulation and facial massage, I thought cupping was a good topic to cover as well. Let’s dive into the benefits of facial cupping and how you can try it at home.

Facial cupping and body cupping: an overview

Cupping is often practised on the body to relieve pain or tension, but it can also be used on the face to give your complexion a younger and brighter outlook

While suction cups can leave bruises when used on the body, on the face you use them in a very different way so they don’t leave any marks. Typically, facial cups are also smaller and softer than the cups that are used on the body – which is logical because your face is more delicate, but also has smaller areas like around the eyes and nose.

Facial cupping is built on the same principle as body cupping, which is muscle and skin restoration by suction. But the difference is in the technique: body cups are mostly placed on a certain part of the body that has to be stimulated and is left there for a longer time. Facial cups, on the other hand, and gently moved around on the face in certain motions and are never left to stay on the same spot. 

What does cupping do?

When you use the cupping technique on your face, you gently pull the skin away from the deeper layer of fascia (connective tissue). This causes a reaction that increases blood flow to the area where you placed the suction cup, which is very beneficial for your skin’s health and overall look. 

Increased blood flow and stimulation result in a higher production of collagen – leaving you with more supple, firm and wrinkle-free skin. As you body is sending more oxygen-rich, fresh blood to your face, you also get a brighter and healthier-looking complexion. 

Suction stimulates your skin’s renewal and healing process, which helps you to fade scars, spots and fine lines. And the action of facial cupping makes your skin tighter and stronger as well, while also releasing muscle tension and decreasing puffiness. 

Why you should consider facial cupping at home | Rusty Revolvers

At-home facial cupping

Although it might be nicer to lay back and relax during a facial cupping treatment done by a professional, you can try cupping at home as well. Get yourself a facial cup or a body-and-face cupping kit and do a lot of research on how to use these before getting started. 

Using facial cups the wrong way could lead to adverse effects and may even harm your skin, which is of course not what you want. The things to remember are:

  • Always do facial cupping after cleansing and applying a light layer of serum or oil.
  • Massage your face with your hands or a crystal roller first to pre-stimulate your muscles
  • Press the cup, place it on your skin and let it go to create suction.
  • Then pull it upwards across the skin, for instance from your chin along the jawline toward your ear. 
  • Never pull down – always go up to prevent your skin from sagging. 
  • You can use the cups all around your face, but I would avoid the eye area because it’s a bit too delicate. 

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