Aromatherapy and the new Phytosun diffuser

This blogpost is part of a sponsored collaboration with Phytosun. For more information about sponsored content, please read my full disclaimer.

I love aromatherapy. I’ve more than once experienced the unique power of scents to work on both my mental senses and physical wellbeing. All around the house I have candles burning (cosy!), but more often I use another wonder worker: an essential oil diffuser. And guess what? With the new Phytosun Mauna Diffuser in my house I not only have all the benefits of the essential oils, but also a pleasing decoration detail added to my interior.

How the Phytosun Mauna works

The idea is that you plug the Phytosun Mauna diffuser into a power source, pour water into the reservoir and add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. The diffuser then uses an ultrasonic technique to gently blow the scent into your home.

You can choose how to program your Phytosun Mauna too. By pushing the power button once it constantly diffuses aroma into your home until there’s no more water left, which takes six to eight hours. If you push it twice, it goes into a self-deactivating mode and only diffuses for one hour. This is perfect if you for instance turn it on with a calming lavender scent right before bed – no need to get back up to unplug your diffuser then.

Apart from scent, Phytosun Mauna also diffuses a soft light that very relaxing as well. With the light button, you can choose whether you want the light to change colour by itself, or if you want to pin it on your favourite shade. You can use the light and scent diffusing seperately. That way, Mauna also just works as a subtle atmospheric light.

About aromatherapy

When we smell something, our olfactory system gives a signal to our brains. That way we’re able to tell what exactly this scent is. In our lymbic system, this causes a reaction. There we bring up certain feelings and memories that we link to this scent. That way, fragrances can have a very intense effect on our overall wellbeing, as they can determine what feelings come up in our brains.

It’s probably something you’ve experienced as well. Fresh citrus scents remind you of summer and instantly give a room a ‘clean’ feeling. Warmer, more woody scents gives us a sense of autumnal cosiness. And other scents can make us nostalgic, maybe to our mother’s perfume or our grandmother’s garden full of flowers.

The perfect scents for your Phytosun Mauna diffuser

Together with my Phytosun Mauna diffuser, I got a handful of their aromatherapy blends. One for every kind of mood. I really find that the right scent can help me to either calm down, focus better or feel more uplifted.

The ZEN COMPLEX is perfect to diffuse in my home office while working. Or in the living room when I’m just having a chill day. It contains litsea, green mint and sweet orange which calm my mind. Rosemary, cinnamon and clove help to combat exhaustion and get me to focus better. And the fresh, yet very subtle addition of lemon makes my room smell breezy and clean.

One that is very loved at the moment is the BREATHING COMPLEX. It benefits your breathing during a nagging cold, cough or when you suffer from allergies. This blend combines eucalyptus, fir, rosemary, pine and lime. All of these work on clearing your respiratory tracts and giving you a safe, happy and healthy feeling. It also boosts your immune system! So it’s very beneficial to have it diffused around your home during the cold season.

The CITRUS COMPLEX is my favourite for cleaning days. It literally makes your house smell like a breath of fresh summer air! Thanks to the addition of grapefruit it is also able to absorb any unwanted heavy scents. Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Features an array of citrus scents but also calming litsea, reviving raventsara and respiratory tracts clearing eucalyptus and fir.

And last but definitely not least I got the SLEEP COMPLEX – need I say more? This one uses sweet orange, tangerine and litsea. All of these are super calming and instantly make you want to jump under the covers. Eucalyptus is also a wonder worker to get you into your sleep routine. And cedar add warmth to give you all the cosy feels. Lovely to diffuse in the bedroom, while you’re getting ready for bed or having some PM down time reading a book.

Not to be forgotten: essential oils are not always great. Sometimes they’re sourced very unsustainably or they’re of poor quality to be sold cheaper. However, the Phytosun ones are all biological and have been approved with the official quality label. So nothing to worry about here when diffusing these beauties into your home!


This blogpost is part of a sponsored collaboration with Phytosun. For more information about sponsored content, please read my full disclaimer.