How I tune down after a stressful time

People often ask me how I stay so relaxed. Truth is: I don’t. Although I might seem quite calm and ongoing in the process, I too get stressed when I’m going through a lot. Especially when I’m overloaded with work or when I can’t seem to make something happen. But my secret is to not let it come too far. Knowing your limits is key to living a calmer life. When I feel like I’ve been stressed for a while, or that my body and mind are wildly exhausted, I pause and rest. And in this blogpost I gathered the best ways to completely tune down after a rough, stressful time.

Lazy mornings

If you know me, you also know that I’m madly productive in the morning. I have no problem waking up at seven to be at my desk thirty minutes later, to get three quarters of my to-do list done before noon. But exactly because I spend most mornings like that, I can thoroughly tune down by having a really lazy morning instead. I preferably like to not set my alarm – although I naturally wake up early – and head downstairs for a healthy, homemade breakfast before snuggling back under the sheets and watch some Netflix with my boyfriend.

A change of scenery

One thing that absolutely stresses me out is a lack of inspiration and creativity. When it seems like I can’t think of anything unique, I can’t do a single thing right and everything works against me. What I then need, is a change of scenery. Get out the house, spend a couple of days at my boyfriend’s or just go on a day trip to get inspired. That always recharges my creativity-batteries, breaks down the walls of stress I built up and massively calms me down.


Clear out

I love clearing things out. Whether it’s my desk, my wardrobe, my grandma’s attic … I can shake so much weight off my shoulders when I’m done. There’s something satisfying in getting rid of what’s unnecessary and organising what’s left. And sometimes I even stumble upon some forgotten gems to give a new life and boost my happy factor. Stress level? Zero.

Talk about it

God, how talking about my stress helps. And also: how I don’t do that enough. I’m the kind of person who thinks that keeping my problems, concerns or frustrations for myself is the best way to go. Who am I to bother someone else with that? But now and then a good ol’ chat can really help to let something go – or even better, to see it from a different angle. Which takes so much stress away, and recharges me to tackle the problem. I don’t even need a conversation partner who’s good at pep talk or advice. As long as they let me speak and therefore think everything through, I’m good.

What are your ways to tune down after a stressful time?