Fear of missing out

Fear of missing out

A little rant written after reading this article by Into The Gloss.

I realised something when I was talking to a brand manager a while ago. She told me I would probably want to use their products for the rest of my life. Surprisingly, that didn’t sound like music to my ears at all. Using one brand, one set of products, for the rest of my days? What about the million other things there are to try? There it was: my beauty FOMO.

Fear of missing out on beauty products. It doesn’t seem likely to me that I’ll ever stick to a loyal beauty routine. That I’m a beauty blogger – who earns a bit from telling you about different products – is one reason for that. My obsession with beauty blogs, YouTube and magazines is another. Just like John Kim in the Into The Gloss article, I have a list on my phone (a hidden Pinterest board) with products to try.

And yes, we need to allow our skin to regenerate and show the results of a certain products. I very often find myself being impatient, thinking a product doesn’t do anything for me. It’s quite a biggie for me that I’ve been using the Delbôve Sorcière Ritual for seven days straight now.

But it does feel good. Stepping a few inches away from my beauty FOMO and trying one new product at a time is my skin care resolution for the time ahead of me. It not only helps me to review a product much more thoroughly – it also helps me tackle the non-stop question: which of the seven new products I’ve used is breaking me out? And next to that, it’s probably better for my skin as well.

However, as much as I see the pros of switching up less often, I don’t think my beauty FOMO will ever fade. New brands and launches just simply excite me and I love reporting about them. And that little skin care time with myself every morning and evening is simply precious to me. That brief moment when I stand in front of the mirror, touch my skin and decide what I’ll feed it today to soothe its needs. Which products of the lot I’ll try today. What combination might work. Like chemistry, or witchcraft even. The thought makes me grin. And it may not be the best for my skin, but it’s the best for my mind. Because my beauty FOMO, after all, makes me really happy.

xo Romy