Looking back and setting goals

Ah, the birthday. I’m turning 21 today and I always find birthdays the perfect occasion to look back at the past twelve months – especially because my birthday is so close to the end of the year.
I like to set myself some goals and good intentions. They’re mostly small things, like a little to-do list of things I want to experience or a vague concept of how I want to feel that year. And I thought: let’s take today to reflect on how I did on my goals for 2018 and which ones I’m setting for 2019.

Ticking off boxes

I kept my 2018 goals and intentions in a little note on my iPhone so it’s easy for me to look back at what boxes I can tick off. The biggest challenge was quite a specific one: I set a Goodreads Reading Challenge to finish 30 books in 2018. And guess what? I nailed it, in the summer already! My three-month internship in Brussels, which demanded a two-hour train commute every day, very much helped me to delve into more books and read some really good pieces. (If you want to know what I read, go add me on Goodreads!)

Another intention I had was to navigate more towards a clean, natural and sustainable lifestyle. Mostly beauty-wise, but I feel like I’ve made more thoughtful decisions in other aspects on my life too. Next to trying more organic and cruelty-free skin care and makeup brands, I also stepped away from fast fashion and made more durable clothing purchases. And I feel very good about that!

One other thing I really hoped to achieve in 2018 was to feel comfortable in my own skin – literally. I wanted to feel better with zero makeup on, accept my skin as it is (spots or no spots!) and step away from the daily concealer to hide all my imperfections. Instead I started to embrace them and just simply felt more at ease with what my face looks like. So can I tick off this box? I feel like I can, because I wore A LOT less makeup in 2018 than I used to do before. Most days I go out wearing just a bit of brow gel and lip balm. I even did so for a family photo shoot in a studio, and I’m so proud about that. Fully bare faced photos!

Apart from those bigger goals, I also went on a hiking trip (two, actually) as I intended to do. Our trip to Scotland was a huge highlight in my year as I have never felt more peaceful and healthy as I did there, and also visiting Stockholm made me crave more of Scandinavia. On to more of that in 2019!

My 2019 goals

Now let me set some goals and to-do’s for 2019. And publishing them on my blog is quite a commitment, right? 

  1. First off I want to go even further into minimalism and durability and try to create a capsule wardrobe every season, without buying a load of new clothes. My real goal is to not buy any new items, but instead look at second-hand options first whenever I feel like something’s missing in my wardrobe – for clothes and maybe shoes (but it’s hard to find second-hand ones for my tiny feet!).
  2. I want to go camping! I never saw myself as the adventurous, primary lifestyle kind of person. But I surprised myself by feeling utterly happy and one with nature in Scotland, with little comfort and lots of slow vibes. So camping (and an exciting trip!) are ver much on my to-do list for 2019.
  3. I’d like to have more offline moments. I feel like especially with my online job, it’s super hard to step away from my phone or laptop which results in me always working. I’m pretty good at being offline on weekends when I’m out and about with Rob, but I’d love to integrate that more into my workweek with nights spent reading, long walks, writing marathons, baking sessions, wellness …
  4. Work-wise I’d love to get better at photography and videography. I really enjoy both activities and I think I do quite have an eye for them, but I believe a couple of workshops or courses could definitely step up my game. I really love food photography, but I think interiors could also be something I’d love to delve into. So if anyone knows of a good course, book or workshop to do so: hit me up!
  5. To finish off there’s the thing that comes back every year: become a better blogger! I think with my job as a freelancer I can now see my blog more as a work project instead of a hobby and really spend more ‘professional’ time on it, do more jobs with brands, and just improve the overall quality.

I think that’s probably enough for now! I’m always adding things throughout the year though, especially little to-dos like places I want to see or experiences I want to have. 

What are your goals and intentions for the new year?