Reducing waste in your beauty routine

It’s no secret that I’m quite the eco-friendly enthusiast. I eat little meat, shop consciously and stick to public transport and my own feet as much as possible. But one of my main concerns is reducing waste and plastic production. With Earth Day peeking around the corner, I wanted to write a piece on how to aid the environment and limit waste in your beauty routine. Here are my top tips!

01. Buy from brands with a recycling program

Several brands have a recycling program that allows you to bring your empty containers back to their stores. That way, they can be recycled by the company instead of being tossed in the bin. For some extra motivation, there’s often a reward for people who return their empties. At Kiehl’s, for instance, you get a gift with every third, fifth and tenth product you return. Lush offer you a free fresh face mask when you bring five of their black pots back to the shop. And at & Other Stories you can return your empty beauty containers (also candles!) and get a 10% voucher.

02. Buy from brands with a refill program

Another interesting concept is a refill program, which is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your wallet. The organic makeup brand Kjaer Weis (which you can find at Skins Cosmetics) is a first-rate example of this. Not only do they pack their products in luxurious (and breathtakingly beautiful) aluminium containers to reduce plastic production, you can also buy a refill for quite the reduced price. Double joy!

03. Choose glass containers over plastic ones

Apart from adoring what’s inside, I love brands like RMS Beauty for their glass containers as well. On the long run, choosing glass over plastic is always a good idea. It’s a lot less harmful to the environment as it’s easier to reuse. Tata Harper and Susanne Kaufmann are other examples of brands with a big range of glass packaging, but there’s something to find in most brands’ ranges.

04. Replace soap dispensers by solid soap bars

My last suggestion to easily reduce waste in your beauty collection is to simply opt for products that come unpackaged. Solid soap bars are a common example of that. Replace your hand wash and shower gel by a solid soap – it’s an easy change and works just as well. You can even do this for your shampoo and conditioner – Lush have a couple of solid ones in their range.

What do you do to reduce your waste production?