How to manage self care on the go

Calling all my fellow homebodies! If you’re like me and being away from home takes quite some energy, then you’ll definitely enjoy my advice for self care on the go. Because although I can’t take my comfort corner with me when I’m off to meetings, day trips or press events, it is perfectly possible to drag some self care along in your hand bag. Discover my carry-along must haves!

01. Preparation

One of my main problems when away from home, is constantly feeling like I’ll get into an uncontrollable situation. The only solution? Preparation! Think of several situations you might get involved in and try to take a selection of items that could possible help. Consider the following as essentials:

  • A pen
  • Tissues
  • Sanitary pads/tampons
  • Painkillers
  • Band-Aid
  • Hair elastics
  • A phone charger
  • A mini umbrella

Write down list for yourself if it helps!

02. Hydration

My o-my! Hydration is key, and especially on the go. When I’m at my desk, I usually drink about three litres every day. So you can figure how grumpy it makes me if I forget to take a bottle of water when I leave the house. Not hydrating enough (obviously) leaves me thirsty, but also gives me headaches, creates a fake feeling of hunger and makes me really tired. Solution: have a – refillable – water bottle ready in your hand bag and keep your eyes open for water fountains. The Refill app is quite practical if you’re looking for places that allow you to refill your bottle!

03. Isolation

Consider taking something with you that evokes a little bit of isolation, especially when you’ve got a busy commute ahead of you. For me that’s either earpods and motivating podcasts (Wobble is my favourite!) or a book, depending on the length of the journey and the means of transport. I always enjoy being on the road because I like to just sit and think, but sometimes there’s just too many (loud) people around and then I just want to snuggle away in my own little cocoon, as much as possible. Who’s with me?

04. A well-curated combination

Who would I be if I wouldn’t bring a little bit of skin care along? One of my favourite green, Belgian skin care brands Likami designed a beautiful Handbag Essential Kit containing just the numbers you need whenever you’re out of the house. It’s been in my handbag ever since September and hasn’t left it for a single minute!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Likami Hand Cream: ultra nourishing and refreshing. The scent of this is addictive, so calming but stimulating at the same time. If you like the scent of the Likami Serum, you’ll be in for this as well. It also feels very light and cooling on your hands which is perfect for on the go, but also leaves them moisturized for hours. A must-have during cold days!
  • Likami Lip Balm: a delicious concoction of cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. I’ve never had a lip balm that tastes so good and still works effectively on my parched, cracked winter lips.
  • Likami Facial Toner: this mini version of the Facial Toner is not only very cute, but also very practical when you need a boost of refreshment after a long train journey and right before going into a meeting. It also smells great, so perfume is needless. I often spray it all over my face, neck and wrists to indulge in a hydrating cloud of herbal extracts.

The Handbag Essential Kit comes in a minimalistic, practical jute bag with a very qualitative zip lock and enough space to carry the extra essentials I mentioned before. The packaging is all dark glass – low waste friendly! – which sounds heavy but actually isn’t at all!

Likami’s kit is not only perfect for yourself, but could also make a really kind gift for the holidays. Every woman or man needs a lip balm, hand cream and some refreshment on the go, right?

Get your Kit at a Likami dealer nearby.

What do you carry along in your hand bag when you’re out?

The Likami Handbag Essential Kit was gifted to me by the brand for trial. This post, however, is not sponsored. For more info about sponsored posts, please read my full disclaimer.