The hungry-at-10-AM muffin snack

There’s one downside to being a morning person: waking up at 6 and having breakfast right away always results in a pre-lunch hunger attack at 10 AM. That’s why I’m constantly looking for easy, healthy and light snacks to still my stomach growl – filling enough to get me going until noon, but light enough to not ruin my lunch appetite.

That’s where my favourite banana bread comes along. It’s not only a great addition to afternoon tea, but it’s even better as a morning snack because it tastes quite… breakfast-ey? I usually bake one or two long banana-oatmeal-chocolate cakes, but this time I decided to make use of the hundreds of muffin pan papers we still have going on and made tiny but delicious banana muffins instead.

The base ingredients here are bananas and oatmeal. The rest is basically just whatever I fancy that day. I also add two fresh eggs from our chicken but for a vegan option you could definitely leave them out and just add another banana or two.

I used cocoa powder this time for a chocolatey feel, but I actually prefer melting some dark chocolate and stirring it through my batter. It somehow gives an extra bit of depth to the flavour and adds some extra moisture too. Use as much chocolate as you fancy – the more the merrier, I’d say! oAll of the above ingredients – about 3 small bananas, four cups of oatmeal, two eggs and melted chocolate or cocoa powder – go into my blender to become a smooth mixture. I then carefully stir my extras through the batter. Walnuts are a great option, just like raisins and pumpkin seeds. A bit of cinnamom can be added for a lovely winter-like taste. In my banana bread I like to add blueberries but I feared it would make the muffins too wet as they’re so tiny. Maybe if I would add some baking powder it would make them bigger and the blueberries would be a fine addition, but somehow I don’t like how dry baking powder makes the usually smooth and creamy banana cakes.

Me and my oven are telepathic buddies so I never really time my baking, but I assume I baked these about 30 minutes on 180°C.

I’m definitely going to experiment more with these little beauties, first of all by using melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Somehow muffins are easier to transport and take to work (or to my home office) than slices of banana bread so that’s definitely a plus!