What spots reveal about your health

You probably know the drill. You wake up and spot yet another breakout on your face. A bunch of whiteheads on your chin, acne on your forehead or a big pimple in between your brows. Sometimes it feels like you’re cursed. But actually, the location of your breakouts on your face could tell a lot about what’s causing it. Breaking out on your chin could mean something very different than on your forehead. I did some research on this – it’s a Chinese thing called face mapping- because I found it very interesting. Cleansing from within is one of the things I like to be occupied by the most. Here’s a little map of your face and the reason behind the impurities that I found – both from research AND experience.

1. Forehead

This is one I have experienced a lot myself. Whenever I get breakouts on my forehead, it’s due to a problem in my digestive system. Whether it’s an unhealthy diet, poor water consumption or a little bit of a constipation problem, they’re all very damaging to the skin on your forehead. This just stresses how much what you eat can do to your skin! Try spoiling your digestive system: eat less fats and less processed food and add some more vegetables, fruits and fibres into your diet. Drink more water and try to get a more regular sleep pattern. 

2. In between brows

Although this could easily be seen as the forehead, pimples in between your brows could have a whole different cause. Mostly, this is due to a problem in your liver. This could be about too much alcohol intake or an intolerance for a certain thing like lactose. Try to limit the intake of these products.

3. Nose

Breakouts on your nose could be compared to the ones on your forehead because it has a lot to do with your digestive system and your blood circulation. Again, try to make a change in your diet to see what it’s all about.

4. Under-eyes

Impurities at your under-eye area and dark circles could be brought back to problems with your kidneys and are mostly caused by dehydration and a lack of sleep. Drink, drink, drink! And have a good night’s rest.

5. Cheeks

Troubles on the cheeks could mean a lot. It could be a problem in your stomach. But if you suffer from allergies or you’re a smoker, it could also be your lungs. Touching your face too often, dirty cell phones or good old stress could also cause you to break out on your cheeks. Try to find out which of these habits you’re sensitive to.

6. Chin
Another one I suffer from a lot is breakouts on the chin. This has everything to do with hormones. Girls on their periods or with gyneological issues like bladder infections or candida will often have impurities on their chin, but it could also easily be caused by stress.
Take a look at where your breakouts are happening and try to find the cause. However, cleansing your face AM and PM, clean makeup brushes, a fresh pillowcase and lots of water can go a long way too!